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It listens to the birds, feels the slightness of the breeze. Let us walk as free beings and let us feel our steps if to become light the measure that we walk. Let us appreciate each step that dermos' '. (Thich Nhat Hanh) It has two types of meditation: Mental calm (Shamatha): concentration in the object; former.: breath? Penetrating vision (Vipashyna): contemplativa analysis. Check out The Related Companies for additional information. Shamatha has three stages: Manaskara (attention in the object)? Smiriti (to keep the attention in the object)? Samprajanna (to become conscientious of the characteristics of the object) still Has ' ' Concentration Without Objeto' ' , a state of perfect simplicity, without no mental construction. &#039 is turned simply toward the interior and; ' conhea' ': At the beginning, nothing it comes. In the way, nothing it remains.

In the end, nothing it has left. (Milarepa) For the buddhism all the things are interdependent; everything is relation, nothing it exists in itself and for itself. &#039 is the call; ' vacuidade of the existence prpria' '. It has a meditation for the understanding of the concept of that the things, the spite of its tangible appearance, are unprovided of last existence: to imagine the totality of the rose and to gradual go penetrating in its structure, seeing only one petal, etc, withdrawing until arriving to be an atom of the rose; where it is the rose? The author still suggests to finish the exercises with one ' ' devotion of frutos' ' , a vote that canalizes energies: ' ' that the born positive energy of this meditation contributes to alliviate the suffering of seres' '.

Interior Solutions Stores

Are you a fan of good coffee and visit some coffee or some other city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. That's for you, we offer a description of interiors stores taken as a basis, as at the end of the essay is a list of stores in Chelyabinsk. We ask you to share your impressions from visiting the stores of our city under the heading comments. Coffee House in its essence is a special kind of coffee shop, where visitors come to drink a cup of coffee, with or without dessert, and chat comfortable surroundings. Coffee is the drink of the east, so in Europe to this day is considered good taste to make out a coffee shop in the style of fairy tales "Thousand and One Nights." Style of these stores is not complementary to loud sound Eastern music. One of the varieties of coffee is the interior colonial style, which came from France and England.

The furniture in these stores wicker, rattan, room itself is full of oriental coffee accessories – Mats of reeds, various figurines, a mill for coffee, etc. The walls of this institution decided to decorate daguerreotype photographs. Frequently Robert J. Shiller has said that publicly. One of the main features of the decor stores of this type serve coffee grains like green is not ripe, and brown and black. Finally, the coffee shop, decorated in classic European style. In these stores the interior is designed in pastel colors with various shades of creamy color. Main feature of such cafes – small tables on one leg, which can accommodate no more than a couple of cups of coffee. Coffee is served in cups necessarily of fine china. In institutions of this kind is a sign of good taste live music.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass – beautiful and spectacular design elements of residential and public buildings, give the room a special charm, creating in them are quite wonderful, magical atmosphere. The word "stained glass" comes from the French vitre – "Glass". This title decorative pictures in the form of patterns, ornamentation and entire artistic compositions were not in vain, because the basic materials for their creation was just colored glass. History of Stained Glass Making stained-glass windows began many centuries ago, and one of them dated from the year 686 ad, was found in the uk, in the monastery of St. Official site: Robert J. Shiller. Paul.

Before the last century it was considered the most ancient, but after the discovery of three glass parts of the image of Jesus Christ 540 years, archaeologists have concluded that the art of creating stained glass starts much earlier. In addition, during the various excavations were found even older songs from the finest plates of stone – alabaster and selenite. In medieval stained glass windows were common in Catholic churches, cathedrals, royal palaces. Then it was expensive and exclusive jewelry, available only to people is secured. But now, with the development of advanced technologies, vivid pictures of stained or treated glass became popular in both public buildings and private houses and apartments.

Stained glass windows in the interior of stained glass and a composition perfectly fit into the interiors executed in any style. And if the past were made of stained glass windows only, but now the spectrum of stained glass has grown considerably. They can decorate the ceiling and a niche in the wall interior partitions or movable screens.