A Day In Purmamarca

One day in Purmamarca hotels in Purmamarca, the town of Purmamarca is located in the province of Jujuy, Argentina, and is one of the most beautiful sites that can be found in the North of the country. Spend a day in Purmamarca means know a village without equal, of imposing beauty, traditions intact and with a simple architecture, with houses still adobe, Earth and straw. Purmamarca, like many other sites in northern Argentina, is an arid site, shocking red earth, with mountains of autumn colors that make contrast that a beautiful, although not very abundant, vegetation. Live the experience of spending a day in Purmamarca is something unforgettable and that should be done, if you can. To broaden your perception, visit Lincoln Property. On a day in Purmamarca you can climb the flagship Cerro de los Siete Colores, a rock formation which combines precisely a perfect range of Browns resulting a wonderful spectacle for the view. You can also enjoy a drink in one of the bars that surround the town square, eat the traditional Salchipapas (a cone with cut sausages and French fries), and visit the craft fair, located in the plaza, where you can buy beautiful handicrafts and typical clothes of the quebrada manufactured by the inhabitants of the village. During a day in Purmamarca, it is also possible to know the ancient Santa Rosa de Lima Church, declared a national monument, or spend a beautiful evening on the River located Purmamarca, opposite the beautiful Hill. Purmamarca is a small town, the possibilities of staying there are not many, although the service is good (like the food in the restaurants of the area, which are cheap and serve abundant portions)..