Apartments for Rent in Dnipropetrovsk

Welcome to Dnipropetrovsk! Increasingly, visitors to the city prefer to stay not in hotels and in comfortable apartments and lodging for rent in the heart of the city. For residents and visitors in Dnepropetrovsk, we offer modern apartments with a full range of services for daily rent. Renting an apartment from us, you get: – the comforts of home and comfort in each apartment – the existence in an apartment kitchen with all accessories and a complete set of home technology – a high quality service – saving your money (because we offer accommodation in apartments are much cheaper than the hotels of Dnepropetrovsk) – confidentiality. Renting an apartment for a day, you gain advantages over hotels in the city! You can book an apartment in Dnepropetrovsk for a period from one day to several weeks. Payment of rent apartments – Short Term. For longer stays provides a flexible system of discounts, which negotiated individually. By prior arrangement, can transfer from the airport or train station to the apartment.

Terms of reservation. Pre-booking performed for a period of 2 (two) days! If you need an apartment for a day – call the day of arrival and we will try to find you a suitable alternative. Booking is simple: you need to choose an apartment, contact us and specify the anticipated date of settlement. Online reservations are made only with prepayment (deposit), after a preliminary telephone verification. Deposit is included in the price. The deposit, as Typically, the cost of one night stay.

For reservations on major holidays (New Year) is taken by some of the apartments in advance for the entire stay. We propose to use our services to meet guests at the airport and railway stations. Our prices are available for all and significantly lower the cost of a taxi. For visitors to the city with children greeters cars by prior arrangement will be equipped with child seats. If you To order a transfer, please let us know in advance about the date and time of your arrival and the group. We accept orders by phone and e-mail. Upon confirmation of transfer our staff will meet you in airport, w / train station or bus terminal, the modern Volkswagen vehicles and taken to the apartment.