These tired of diet? You will not be the only one. Many of us will want to start with a diet to lose weight and start with much encouragement, energy and goodwill. In the early days the scale gives us joy every morning, since it shows me less and less every day. James king recognizes the significance of this. We are euforicos and convinced. But soon comes the time that the scale does not move or moves very slowly downward. Thats normal fully on a diet. Above all water leaks from the body at the beginning. (Source: Steffan Lehnhoff).

That makes us lose much weight at the beginning. Then comes the crucial moment. Many despair at this time we do not see ningung feed for a few days. This is the key moment for all diets. If we overcome this point the scale returns to give us joy every morning. To prevent or halt this standing point I recommend adding exercises or sports at home these days especially. It is generally good to do some exercise to accelerate the process of losing weight.

But fundementalmente these days. Each diet has its dead point and this point must be overcome for continuous and substantial way to lose weight. The effect Jojo starts many times on this day. As we have lost mostly water and not FAT or BMI recovers quickly and overcome the weight of the principle. Apart we are frustrated from the diet and we will want to make us something good, then eat what you should not eat and ups… are already the kilos back. AIS, courage! pass the deadlock and the diet will be a success. Some diets are quite boring, since many times the variety of food is minimal. While we went strictly to a diet or another and we know to overcome the deadlock, there is nothing against changing diets regularly. 4 weeks of Atkins, then a couple of weeks the traditional, from there we went to china and return with Atkins. It gives us variety and we continue slimming equal. Until it is better for our body, since it does not feel any shortage and we get tired less quickly. Fundamental as we have outlined before it is know pass the deadlock of the diet and combine the diet with exercises physical or sports. Only eating until now, removing alcohol and make something of sport can result in 1 to 2 pounds less per week without a diet specifies. I hope that you animais again. On our page internet have the largest variety of diets, examples to make sport and even a section for jokes to make us laugh a little of our efforts. Mood!