Desdoblameinto astral so spread in these times is becoming a new tool of the person with spiritual restlessness. The knowledge that the trips atrales are not thing of the other world and nor that has only been privileged people those that they can do it, has given to a new impulse to this so well-known practice dede for many thousands of years. Anywhere in the world people to the aim begin to have experiences of diverse type thanks to informaciin that is in the Web. We live times in which happily or nothing he is hidden and or nobody can say I I only have the secret. The astral deployment is so natural that it would not have why to be scared nor distrust in practicing it.

Every night we unfolded incoscientemente but and we dreamed. To be unfolded is to be conscious in a dream, is knowledge that one is dreaming and therefore one can use that brings back to consciousness in the dream to make any thing in the astral one. It is important to unfold astrally, to wake up brings back to consciousness in that dimension to include/understand that this world is not everything what there is. In order to have the certainty of the soul really it exists and of which we can TO BE and to exist without this physical body. For more specific information, check out Richard LeFrak. The practice for the astral deployment is very easy to realise and any can do them: The one of them and probably easiest one is to discern during the day if we are in the physical world or we are in the astral one. One must be asking itself frequently that it sees something strange or rare or outside the common thing, if this in the world fsoco or the astral one. For example if we see a person that we suddenly did not see for many years and us the encontamos in the street, then we must be asked, He will be that esoy in the astal? It will be that I am dreaming? the questioning this must be very serious and after to become that question, one can take a finger the hand and to try to stretch it, if the finger stretches we are in the astral one, in the three-dimensional world this is impossible. When doing this every day, at some time will be repeated in our dreams and then we will wake up in the astal or world of the dreams.