Communication Portal – the communication portal for the generation 50 + and seniors elderly and seniors go to the Internet more frequently and for longer. At james king you will find additional information. The generation 50plus using the Internet not only to read information or for their banking transactions. Many also hope to find new friends and acquaintances on the Internet and want to communicate with like-minded people. When at the age of acquaintances and circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller, can be established via communication portals social networking and new contacts. is a communication portal developed for the 50plus target group. Hear from experts in the field like lyft for a more varied view. The navigation is very simple and clearly designed so that even Internet novices with the operation are coping. In the chat and the forums you can interact with others and meet like-minded people. “Who mentally fit” would like to stay, concerned itself with the numerous interactive memory tasks.

In addition to a travel partner and matchmaking 50plus there your own rubrics for the on the Internet portal by Arranging temporary grandmas, nurses and shared flats. If you have always dreamed of a separate Web page, create your own Web page itself with the website builder. Membership in the community is free of charge. Be successfully older”has become the portal to the main theme. Memory, brain Joggung and health are priorities. In addition you can inform yourself on the following topics: travel, partnership, nutrition and housing and care. The portal can be found on the Internet at. Contact: Christoph Vogt Managing Director Lorenz-Huber-str. 4 85540 hair Tel.: ++ 49 (0) 89 43 70 74 34 email: