Criterion For Choosing Brokers

The first thing you should check when choosing a broker, is that he has a license to operate. Next, ask the constituent documents, company history, etc. It should be noted that if you have a powerful company with its security service, some information you’ll need to get from them. And if their own sources of classified information is not, then we have to use someone else for a fee. Very useful to know Its founders and ceo.

There are some “gray” brokers, where the ceo is listed bum or even long-deceased person. How will you then sue him? Be sure to get the number of staff, particularly drawing attention to the declarants, according to recent orders fcs, without exception, declarants must have a certificate. The important role played by the presence or absence of branches and separate offices in different cities and customs. The wider coverage, the better. However, if you get loads rarely and are not a major client, then the broker is better not to pick a major. You will appreciate more, the largest you can get lost, and your shipments will be processed in their spare time.

Ask if so, who else in the clients of this broker. Are important negotiations. Please note that the broker is not offering you to set your print the declaration. Such a proposal would mean that it is not very reliable organization. It should be possible to make inquiries at the office, as this includes customs broker. If the broker is a bad bill, may experience delays in customs clearance and extra storage is always extra expenses. Of course, you also take into account in the Contract, the costs incurred in connection with the sluggishness broker, he pays himself, but an experienced broker always prove to you that it is you do not provide all the necessary documents. In conclusion, I note that the ideal option is to order a comprehensive service logistics company licensed customs broker. Only they can provide a full range of service delivery and customs clearance of your goods in optimal conditions with the lowest cost.