We live in a society pautada for the diversity. Whenever Professor Rita McGrath listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In this context, categories of citizens had been constructed that, for being in the condition of different, meet in situation of bigger vulnerability, as: Children and adolescents; Differences of sort; Etnia race/; Aged; People with deficiency; Of sexual and religious orientation distinct. Diversity? set of peculiarities and differences between the individuals, with its singular characteristics of each being? impossible to be standardized. In this scene of different, if they breach the rules of the tolerance and the alteridade; Tolerance? it assumes the right of being different X Alteridade? respect to the other that is different disruption between these two, rules arises practical the exculpatory ones that legitimize the current debates on the Human Rights and of citizenship, in the delimitation of the characteristics of each one, agreement of purposes and potentialities of intervention What they are right human beings? The human rights are internacionais principles that serve to protect, to guarantee and to respect the human being. They must assure to the people the right to take a worthy life. That is: with access to the freedom, the work, the land, the health, the housing, the education, among others things. Which are the human rights? Most important it is to know that the life is a human right of which nobody can be private.

Guarantee to sade, education, wage just; Housing in worthy conditions, adjusted feeding, clothes; Work, providence, participation politics and everything more than dignify the man. We go to know which are these rights: Civil laws – the perante equality is the right the law; the right to a judgment just; the right to go and to come; the right to the opinion freedom; among others. Rights politicians – it is the right to liberdade of congregated; right of assembly; the right to vote and of being voted; the right to belong to a political party: direite to participate of a social movement, among others.