Because not I’ll open them my door by Luis Manuel Aguana (**) the censuses of population and housing are basic instruments of planning long term in any country of the world. The data that is collected serve the States to understand how the population has spread the length and breadth of the territory in a period of 10 years and take far-reaching decisions in the life of a country. Decisions such as how many schools and hospitals should exist and where should be located, that so many aqueducts, roads, penetration, communications and electricity should need and where, are part of the decisions arising from the information that is processed from the census taken. Also, knowing how many people live in the country and where they are, indicate the electoral agencies how many members there shall be per constituency in the next 10 years. Imagine how many decisions in favour of a country could be taken from these data be used for the well-being of the population. However, unfortunately, this will not be the case in the Venezuela of today with the next census of population and housing.

We have informed history of use that has made this Government with the personal data of the citizens, where the most painful example bad Tascon list call represented it and this scriptwriter has renamed as Chavez’s list (see a Requiem by Luis Tascon in) since this last its main instigator and first its perpetrator. Venezuelans most high risk that our personal data are in a database managed by foreign agents from the Castro tyranny. In addition, the press has informed us (see seven days, the national July 17, 2011) will be a Castro company which will develop and administer the issuance of our main document of identification, identity card, and that it would contain personal data that besides the well-known names and surname and date of birth, additionally store biometric identification of fingerprints fingerprints, payment of taxes, signature and digital photography.