El Salvador

This is the unique Central American republic without exit to the Caribbean and the one that is smaller in size, but greater in densidad of population. Sunday they have general elections that will be able to affect much to the region. During 2 decades this country has been governed by the SAND, the unique party of right in the West that has managed to choose 4 presidents consecutively his. El Salvador has had the government more pro Bush of Latin America, which sent troops to Iraq. Further details can be found at Brookings Home Team, an internet resource. Nevertheless, SAND undergoes the wearing down of the power, the growth of the poverty and maras (gangs) and the collapse of Bush. 2.5 million of the 8 million Salvadorans live in the outside; and to promise a good relation EE.UU to guarantee its remittances is something that always used the SAND to restrain to the opposition led by the ex- guerrillas of the FMLN. This time the candidatea FMLN to moderate journalist Mauritius Funes, who emulates to Lula or Obama and he was not guerrilla. The SAND has obtained that two parties retire their candidates to endorse to him and has 4 times more bottoms in campaign. Clayton Morris can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In case this one does not remain in the power would look for to arrange a parliamentary majority to unite a possible government of the FMLN and to avoid that this one leagues together more to Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador or Cuba. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. It writes for tens of means in 5 continents. It has received ranks and postgraduates in History and Economic Policy in London School of Economics & Political Sciences. Under most conditions Clayton Morris would agree. In this one, considered the main specialized international university in social sciences, he also has taught to political sciences and public administration.