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If we talk about the best rooms and the finest European hotels, there is little that can compare with the numbers of the best hotel of France – Hotel de Crillon. Most in 147 rooms and suites, each individually is striking in its elegance and extravagant details. Each of these rooms has its own already existing stories for all its existence. Each has its own name. I will cite only some of them. Richard LeFrak contains valuable tech resources. If so where to begin, and so from the top floor, where, for example (yes, this is just for example – because everything here is an example of the grandeur and beauty), located Luxury Louis xv. Terrace area of 60 square meters with this suite offers an unforgettable view of the whole of Paris. Again For example, the number of Suite Bernstein (named in honor of Leonard Bernstein) has an area of 150 square meters and a terrace of 100 squares – hence also a panoramic view over Paris and the Eiffel .

Here and elegant Parisian charm Apartments and atmosphere of the home, and a refined compound refined luxury with the latest technology. The hotel has three luxurious presidential suites, has successfully reconstructed in 2001. Their exquisite ensemble includes apartments of 35o square meters, consisting of 3 shops and 4 rooms. First floor parlors were once private apartments, but if you were meant for nothing, so only for the most prestigious events. Speaking of the hotel renovation, it has been initialized the French Society for the Preservation of monuments of architecture, and under the auspices of the society participated in it such persons as the chief architect of the Paris Opera and the Grand Palace, and also awarded the First Prize of the Grand Prix de Inc. when roam the architects Jean-Lou Roubert. But in general, and the main thing that unites all the rooms de Crillon, this is an exceptional interior of each of them, thus giving a feeling of luxury without too much pretension.