Eyes Wide Shut

Man shoots home and pays monthly landlord (that is, giving their money to return, reducing it his own welfare, working ‘at my uncle’ – homeowners which it leases), after obtaining credit, it also will give the bank a monthly basis commensurate with the rent amount is now working on themselves, investing their money in their future property, which is known to be not cheaper! – Payment service credit below the growth in property prices, so the actual recipient of a mortgage loses nothing – all the interest paid on the loan and part of the price (up to 1 million rubles) tax-deductible tax on personal income, however, is not worth it, not having read the text to run into the nearest bank office and arrange a mortgage ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. To make an informed and thoughtful decision: where to take a mortgage, how much and under what conditions, should pay attention to (or better yet – to bring data into the tablet, to analyze the proposals of different banks) to Additional costs: – as accrued interest on the loan: the remaining amount of debt (unpaid credit) or to the entire amount of the debt entirely. It is – big difference! – What are the additional costs other than fees for credit for that still have to pay? For mortgage can be significant: the amount of commission for remittance, loan processing fees, insurance payments, etc. – Whether there is a possibility (and ‘spelled’ whether such a possibility in contract) early loan repayment..