Find A Career In Harmony With Your Way Of Life

Which of the following would you chose? Make your life and work as a permanent occupation or a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. The first is the definition of a career and the second that of a job. Both involve a physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or making something, but in a career that is directed and free choice. In work that is following orders and passive. If what I do now is more work and less of a race, you're fooling yourself and the community.

By doing what you love, is contributing the best in yourself and influence positive change in the community. Jobs are not bad, but should not be permanent. Do something out of a sense of security that drains energy. So how do you go about discovering your career? A good start would be to ask some questions and answer them without limiting yourself. Do not let your ego in your mind criticize or comment in answering these questions.

Renounce doubts and fears and allow yourself to be true. The questions What I'm proudest achievements? (Be honest, without judging. If the word pride is holding you back, change the point that the achievements you are most welcome.) What activities bring me joy? (Now and in childhood) What subjects do I find exciting? (It is not only interesting, but these things have an emotional appeal.) What kind of personality do I have? (I suggest using the Enneagram as a guide.) What are my skills? (No false pride here. Retain only deceives himself and our society of the positive influence that can contribute to our world.) How do you define success? (This is very important. Take time to think. Deepen a little more than whatever their response is to ask why first. Try replacing happiness for success. If you are clear on what you want emotionally, intellectually and physically are much closer to achieving this. Do not let others define success for you.) If I had to make a living, what would I do instead? How I can interact better with people? (Small groups, large groups, one by one, in person, in writing, by telephone) After you've gone, what would you like to be remembered? Do any of these things overlap or complement each other? (The more items that can be used in a career choice, the most powerful you can be in that race.) Answering these questions will give you a compass in the creation of a race where he can shine. Find someone positive and supportive to help you brainstorm and create your career. Remember that life is a journey. His personal life's work can evolve as you do and change over time. Dare to fly with Carolyn Frances, Life Coach & Spiritual Guide