If you want to buy a cheap house, in a quiet and away from huge noise that generated big cities, one of the best States in which can do so will be in Wyoming. Known as the first State to open air in America and famous for its rugged topography and its national parks, Wyoming is the ideal place to live with peace of mind. Depending on your requirements, the State of Wyoming provides you the opportunity to find beautiful and cheap houses, subdivisions and new agricultural goods; But if what you are looking for is much more economy, best thing then you can do, is to buy homes that are fruit of foreclosures or auctions. One of the great advantages that has the State of Wyoming, is that both this type of housing as the new, can get them in major cities such as: Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Gillette, Casper, Evanston, Worland, among others. If you liked the idea of saving much more money by buying houses from auctions or foreclosure, it is important to take into account the shape of how carries out this type of sales in the State of Wyoming; Remember that not always the sales of these houses with difficulties are dealt equal in all States. However, if you don’t know anything about laws or laws which are there to buy this kind of properties, the following information that I’ll give you to know will be of great help and will show them you do to make your investment does not become a real problem. Initially, it is important to know that when a borrower has not complied with what has been agreed in the mortgage or deed of trust, the laws of the State of Wyoming empower all lenders to recover their money through implementing judicial and non-judicial processes. It will be legal, when between the lender and the borrower there or power of sale or deed of trust; Therefore, the lender will have to apply for an order of the Court, through a lawsuit, to allow you to sell such property, through an auction process, in order to recover the total of the money that was owed him.