Free Apartment Design

Since October 2010 Initiatives "Free design of the apartment." Every Saturday from 10 to 18 hours in case "O" everyone will be able to get expert advice on how to make the apartment comfortable and beautiful. Development of new design apartments offer the first professional service specialists repair services in the TC "Lublin field" – "Men's Work." Director of Development and Economy TC "Lublin field" Pavel Kochetkov said: "We strive to that in our shopping mall, were representative of all segments of goods and services not only for repair, but also for the home: furniture, textiles, glassware. By this action, we emphasize that our customers can make repairs and furnish all apartment furniture, design the interior of all rooms in the apartment without leaving the walls of a trading complex. Whenever The LeFrak Organization listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " Information about TC "Lublin field" Shopping Complex "Lublin field" – a modern shopping mall furniture and goods for the home, located in the SEAD Moscow. Currently being planned reconstruction of the complex, moving gradually into a format specialized trade DIY-center with total area of more than 30 000 sq.

km. m. Above the project works: Jones Lang LSalle, a leader in commercial real estate consulting and architectural firm from Germany and consultants DIY Trade (Do-It-Youself – DIY). In TC "Lublin box" opened its doors to new quite unlike all the other modern, comfortable, well-equipped housing! It presents a whole new range: "LIVING ROOM" and "HOME". Salons are located in certain areas: -1 floor – gallery doors and windows, 1st floor – gallery of light, textiles, tableware, fireplaces, moldings, interior and decorative items, 2nd floor – furniture gallery. Among the new stores you can find shops, "March 8" "Bathroom Accessories", "FORMULA Diwaniya , ASKONA , CAT Behemoth "," CHANDELIERS LUXURY , BOS LIGHT "," ELITE TEXTILE "," Glamour "," NEW STYLE "," EMPIRE BLINDS , STEELHOUSE , WORLD STAINED GLASS " , OIKOS, SAN MARKO, DECOR CENTER, RENAISSANCE, DEMMOKSI and others. The new building labeled "O" is at the entrance to the mall, along Tikhoretskaya Blvd. Building "O" is equipped with modern facilities, has a unique architectural design and has 3 floors.

The central part of the case is made in the shape of the glass dome that increases the space and makes a visit to the complex as comfortable and enjoyable. Movement between floors by means of elevators and escalators. On the ground floor you will be greeted by information service and answer all questions. Also at the reception desk you can make an order for design and renovation of apartments and order delivery of goods.