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What is a Resort? A resort or resort is a place for relaxation or recreation. As a result, people often look for a resort vacation. Generally, a tourist station is distinguished by a great selection of activities, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment and shopping. A resort usually refers to 2 specific places, but similar: 1. cities where tourism or holidays represent the greater part of local activity, but which are generally not managed by a single company 2. Holiday centres, usually managed by a single company, which tries to provide what all or most of the visitors want to while they are there.

The term resort is sometimes misused to identify a hotel that does not meet the requirements of a resort.Resorts, such as destination resorts is generally called. This is a common use when the facilities provide food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment and shopping, with the advantage that customers do not have to leave the resort after arriving. Generally, these facilities are of higher quality than that one would expect if I had to stay at a hotel or eat at hotels in the city. Do you know the difference between a Hotel and a Resort? A hotel is a building planned and fitted out to accommodate persons temporarily, allowing travelers, stay during their travels. When one is staying in a Hotel, get a room for 1 or 2 persons with 1 bathroom and if we are lucky, will have a desk and a Chair, nothing else. By that stay in rooms so small, when you can stay in rooms larger? In Cosmoviajes and through our Membresia GRN you’ll have access to stay in real apartments, which will make your holidays more enjoyable, with more comfort and greater luxury. Almost all of our apartments come fully equipped with 1, 2 and up to 3 rooms with lounge, dining room, full kitchen, Plasma TV, washing machine, dryer, etc.

A stay in a Hotel with only 1 room, 100% is not a vacation, it is perhaps a trip; but to make it really a true vacation, you need to have comfort and luxury, which can only be enjoyed at a Resort. Endless weeks or that your you want to enjoy, they are available for you, for life and without having to pay extra, in the times shared (TimesShares), why we are not times shared, we are the best choice for travel and enjoy at cost prices. Global Resorts Network offers an impressive catalog of quality TOP Lujosas properties around the world and Online, in constant update. Account with various search options, to help you in your selection with prices ranging from $298 to $799 USD, per stay in an apartment furnished and equipped, for 2 to 8 people, the full week!