Heating Systems

Heating a private home – an important issue if you plan to build or repair homes, the question of the organization of the heating system should be one of the first on the agenda. You must install the boiler, additional equipment and automation products, paving around the house tens (sometimes hundreds) of meters of pipes, mounted radiators – this is an incomplete list of works to be carried out before the house will be suitable for year round use. And do it all to be arranged and finishing the interior. Heating of a private house designed and made to finish the interior, of course, you will hardly to design the heating system of a private house and do it yourself installation: it requires not only qualified but also solid practical experience. Specialists will help select the equipment and find the best technical and design solutions based on your needs and financial possibilities.

However, in each case to solve the same problems in the heating of private homes can be approached in different ways, and any professional is well aware. Therefore, any questions you still have to decide on their own, albeit with the participation of specialists. The heating system of a private house The first of these issues – the choice Concept of the heating system of a private house. In the first approximation schemes heating is divided into one-and two-pipe. "In one-pipe systems, heating devices (eg radiators) in series. Heated in the boiler heat transfer medium (water or aqueous solutions of glycol) circulates in a circle, flowing through the pipes from the radiator to the radiator, the heat turns giving each of them and then returning back to the boiler for heating.