Holiday Village

Gone are the days when the recreation center on the Volga were a pioneer camps or cottages with plank houses without special facilities. The intentions of the Soviet citizens who travel to the recreation of the Volga were the same as now: to fish, sunbathe, swim, collect mushrooms – just take a break from civilization and the stress of the city. However, with time everything changes, so does the level of the requirements of modern city dwellers. Now, more than half Visitor recreation demand on the Volga in the first place of comfort. In accordance with the requirement of time and growing demands of recreation Volga remodel. This process lasts for about ten years old ische6zayut base holiday on the Volga, there are new.

Now the recreation center on the Volga River are usually small and medium-sized cottage settlements. A related site: Expert on growth strategy mentions similar findings. Cottages, of course, with all the amenities for both families and individual recreation. Following the wishes of the demand, many bases built and medium-sized houses to stay with friends and colleagues. Among other things, to modern recreation centers in the Volga offers a rich cultural program, which will not allow even the most bored lazy guest. In the lower reaches of the Volga had very popular floating resorts, which represent a small vessel with facilities in which they live and fish.

However, while it pleasure is quite expensive. So what is the main choice for the recreation center on the Volga? Wonderful nature, fresh air and any professional organization of leisure activities – are the main reasons that guide people, going to rest on the base of the Volga. Professionally organized by fishing or hunting for the fans of these types of recreation. In the state of the recreation staff is always a skilled hunter, who is well I know the habits of local animals. There are more peaceful ways to spend time walking in nature, sports, sauna, etc. The choice, as always for the visitor. The main thing to remember as always, the rest should be quality, interesting, and leave only good memories.