Every year thousands of tourists come before the election, the best time of year to plan and look for a beautiful destination and the perfect hotel. Whether a classic four star hotel, apartments, apartment, studio, or at times perhaps a vacation club, the agony of choice has always been the holiday! Many regular customers have a hotel chain which is driven mainly by the TUI. RIU Hotels and Resorts is an innovative Spanish hotel chain whose headquarters is located in Playa de Palma in Majorca. With more than 100 hotels and resorts has “RIU” develops to a non-trivial chain. Through the marketing of the RIU hotels by TUI, the hotel chain has been able to develop very quickly. TUI holds half the shares and RIU RIU has about 5% of the shares in TUI. You will find this hotel chain in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, United States, Cuba, Mexico and other travel areas.

There are three different classifications Club Hotels * * * Grand Palace Hotel RIU Palace By-Class program can earn points and regular customers to bring applications. RIU is characterized mostly by very good Service, special situation of the hotel facilities and a good concept of uniform. The hotels are three-star to five-star category and are depending on the plant and breakfast, half board, full board or all inclusive stay. Unfortunately, only a few online portals offer special booking engines for RIU travel offers. RIU travel savings for 3 or 4 stars are an alternative, often you may already by the number of stars in the travel savings for hotels on the lucky 4 or less narrow. Here one usually has a significant savings advantage. Enjoy planning your next vacation! Possibly. it is indeed a RIU Hotel!