Improving Adsense CTR

If you’re like many webmasters complaining that Adsense is not appropriate because incomes are too low, be sure to make some changes to your site and your adsense account to improve your CTR and your earnings per day, without increasing the number of visits to your site. Suppose your site receives 100 hits per day and has a CTR of 10%, this means that every day you get $ 5 profit, then I can assure you that you can increase your CTR up to 25% so your earnings simply by light changes to your website and your adsense account, there are many strategies to improve the CTR, it would be impossible to cover them all in this article, but left three of them for analysis and applets. 1 .- See the “heatmap” of your site: Actually the “heatmap” or “heat map” is different for each website, you must know exactly which are the “points” on your site where your visitors are more clicks and optimize your site with this in mind. To view a heatmap need to use the services of certain web sites that specialize in this, fortunately they are free and easy to use, one of the companies dedicated to this, the basic how much it costs only $ 9 per month, you must subscribe to the site and create a project, shall provide you with a javascript code which is what you spy web for your specific heat map to your website. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nobel Laureate in Economics. 2 .- Method 2 to improve your CTR: Use keywords in your URL.

Adsense is a contextual ad service, that is the key to its success, as they say “the ads are so useful that they loved their visitors.” But not all the time so, in many cases the ads are irrelevant, for example, I have a marketing site and sometimes I appear Ads Travel Agencies, this is counterproductive for my business, Adsense, and that the visitor sees this as unprofessional, also at that time the visitor is interested in something else, not on vacation. To avoid these problems we create URL’s with the keywords of our niche, thus avoiding the least appearance of irrelevant ads. Method 3 To Improve CTR Use the correct colors. We must understand the psychology of colors, choosing the right colors and increase CTR on our site, choose the wrong combination and the visitor will leave your site “faster than the blink of an eye.” I let a few rules to follow: 1 .- Use as background colors … white, light blue or light green are the best colors to use as background. You can use any other color if you prefer, but make sure they are clear versions. 2 .- Use the blue links for adsense ads, for some strange reason this strategy works miracles, no other color on the links adsense CTR is better than blue, it’s as if our minds had been trained for this. For more information see adverum.