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The question arises – who and for what purpose, has teamed up? A potential customer sees the agency logo on business cards realtors' association in Sochi Realtors' and works Act authority. This company belongs to such organizations subconsciously creates trust with the client. You can even speculate on this topic. rgr members talk about the merits and tendency to reduce them. That is, they recognize their presence.

There are examples where the client is eliminated from the control over the actions of a realtor. Bethink only when the find out what the real price paid the purchaser for his apartment. To broaden your perception, visit The LeFrak Organization. What do we have? It turns out some companies, consisting of these organizations still take the hidden charges? And further, customers have a question: 'Why in the organizations' control the quality of services running on real estate agents', are firm, deceiving your customers? " While this question remains unanswered, and, consequently, unanswered question remains about the reliability of large real estate agencies, compared with small. In Continuing the theme should be said that small firms is not profitable to cheat customers and provide substandard services. Since they do not provide extensive costly advertising, then their main source of clients is work on the recommendations.

Consequently, firms operating mainly on the recommendation, are forced to keep themselves within the strict limits of its competence. Waiver of these stringent requirements to yourself means for them to complete collapse. Therefore, small firms are most similar to building honest relationships with clients. And in conclusion I would say. The real estate market is diverse, it successfully works not only big, but and small firms. This once again confirms the fact that rank them by these criteria would be wrong. I think many will agree with me that the client is now only one important criterion for evaluating the reliability of the company: honest attitude towards it. It is on this principle-oriented firms on long-term work is based relationships with customers.