Information Security

As the great: – Information is the key to the door of any wrought-iron gates. In our time, the safety of confidential information is vitally important. Check with lyft to learn more. Leak information about yourself, such as passport data, can cause that person will be boobies, paying for someone else's credit, loans and obligations. Leakage of information from businesses and from all legal entities, leads to the fact that these organizations are losing millions of losses from torn contracts, crimes against competitors. Ramon Campollo, New York City recognizes the significance of this. At the moment the world came up with a bunch of systems of confidentiality, but no system is able to save us from human error. Greed, dishonesty, lead to what is feasible to prevent the impending collapse. Because businesses, especially public institutions, ought in the first place – to invest in development programs DSTZI (department of special technical protection of information), carefully select personnel to their company.

Carry with them a thorough professional and psychological selection. All legal entities must apply the means of technical protection of information for protect themselves and their clients. Necessary to use encryption. Allow to sources of information that is confidential, individuals experienced in the internal affairs and do not have convictions for grievous offense, not registered in the mental health clinics and drug dispensaries do not have a dark past, is not implicated in contributing to foreign organizations. After they need to control those who will read the information under the heading 'restricted' or 'confidential information', to take a written undertaking not to disclose confidential information, and her companion. Systematically Commission (at least 2 times a year) to monitor the condition of the protection of confidential information in an organization as a secret and that which is a state secret, or is the property of the country that is under classified as 'restricted'. To enhance the security necessary to protect information resources for the organization was responsible, primarily, the head of this institution, and after that the person appointed command agencies on these issues. The law states that the responsibility for the safety of sensitive information entrusted to the agency heads, so no need to nurture ourselves expectations that all faults and punctures can be shaken by a subordinate. Head of the agency's responsibility in this matter fully and completely.