Karoline Sanam

Thus, the State is second in the Comparison of gross income to real estate price. You can buy the cheapest real estate compared to the average income as inhabitants of Saxony-Anhalt. Where the average price of a House is 86,000 euros and the average gross annual income is 30.732 euro. How expensive are real estate compared to the income in the wealthier areas? One thinks of cities such as Baden-Baden, the region at Starnberg Lake or the quarter Blankenese in Hamburg areas raised in Germany. But are the salaries in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and the city of Hamburg, with over 40,000 euros per year on average. So the residents of these States can afford easier a house or an apartment worth about 160,000 euros.

Most you must pay when compared to the income for a real estate in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, followed closely by Saxony. The real estate prices in Hamburg and Baden-Wuerttemberg are far above the national average of 135.428 euros of real estate, but they are three and 5 on the following sites To find. The city of Bremen is located on fourth place. Hesse, the State with the highest average earnings is located on place 12 Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt are indeed compared to the agreement with the real estate price cheaper, but the Hesse benefit in finding real estate not only in the own State. You can afford a vacation home in the Alps or in the neighbouring Thuringia with the high average earnings. Real-estate prices, as well as the incomes are lower than in the former Federal territory in the new Lander in the average, in some cases it’s worth but to make the situation more under the magnifying glass.