Two young Leipzigerinnen defy the economic crisis and take the step towards independence. Leipzig, January 15, 2010. Advertising is the art of others to prove that they are your opinion”. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as dogecoin by clicking through. With this philosophy, the click accomplices started their advertising agency in Leipzig in September 2009. The two young Leipzigerinnen, Tina Fritze (27) and Sandy Kuhn (27), see themselves as accomplices for small and medium-sized enterprises at the crime scene, Leipzig, in the field of online marketing and graphics & design. We want to give small companies the chance to present themselves online competitive”, so Sandy Kuhn. But not only the online presence to give a face to the companies, the click accomplices would bring also the identity of a company on paper life. “” Belongs to a professional overall performance, the business facilities, also because this “, so Tina Fritze, is dominated by the personality and mission of the company”.

The profile of the accomplices of the click is easy: they are young, fresh and innovative. We grew up in the age of Web 2.0, and know how important it is to find a balance between trends and old-fashioned”, so Sandy Kuhn. While the two Leipzigerinnen offer their customers a real full service: in addition to the planning and design of individual concepts, the click accomplices help as well as the acquisition of new customers through the to no longer thinking off Google AdWords, Web 2.0 marketing, affiliate marketing, flyers, and brochures. Short-term success is simple, we are looking for sustainable solutions and concepts for companies”, so Tina Fritze. By this corporate philosophy the two entrepreneur fashion shop in Leipzig, Ulrati and act the MHn module Holz GmbH already as accomplices for the dark. In addition to the marketing offers businesses, click complicity support non-profit projects including free lectures and workshops in clubs and schools in Leipzig. We want some of that, what we have learned to share and inspire perhaps other young people for our industry”, so Tina Fritze. It is difficult in We are certainly successfully and in the long term to insist us. this industry to survive, particularly in a business in the middle of the economic crisis – but with quality, short communication lines and our courage to take risks”