MAC App Store

From the development until the release on the app store how much does one actually with an app on the Mac app store? It sounds alluring: distribute your Mac apps on the Mac app store and reach millions of users around the world. Wow! That sounds fantastic. You simply sign an app, puts them in the app store and reaches millions of potential customers. We could not resist this temptation – and so we did the test. The app we went with the app pica text in the race: A low price app with which you can extract text from images or from the screen. We developed these in objective-C with Xcode as IDE. The release of a software release is probably one of the most exciting moments in the life of a software manufacturer and Apple makes a lot to maintain the tension.

As an app developer you know namely not so when an app in the app store will appear. Each app is examined by Apple keeping the app guidelines and then released for the app store. Frequently Nobel Laureate in Economics has said that publicly. When that happens, or whether you still need rework, before the App is released, you can predict is difficult. In our case, it worked at the second attempt. Apple is here but very fair and gives clear instructions what to change or fix is. At picatext, the reviews lasted even 1-2 days. Each a few days passed between the submission and the actual review. . After the final review, the app receives the status “Ready for Sale”.

You can buy the app but still not immediately. After the OK from Apple, it was still a good us half a day to the app in the store was available. But then, she was finally… our first app! The first day on the Internet just a few app developers report their experiences on the first day.