Make Money Online

On the Internet, a wealth of information and suggestions, thanks to which everyone supposedly can start making money immediately. Yes, there are areas in which even an idiot can make money, such as surfing, magic wallets and other exciting lessons that can teach even a bear. But if we talk about serious business, and this, in my view at least the establishment of representative offices in the Internet that effectively promotes your (partner) product / service, and the maximum – the implementation of a service such as the notorious "Schoolmates", which will round the clock to stamp people. It is doubtful that it will bear a force. Learn more about this with Expert on growth strategy. So, what are the basic skills needed for In order to succeed.

In fact, everything is simple (as always, and it is difficult at a time). We draw an analogy with any off-line business, it needs to succeed: a good product (brand) Efficient production Literate Management Competitive Advantage Proper marketing and advertising policies, etc. You can continue on, but if you simplify, you can get a primitive scheme MARKETING, PRODUCTION, PROMOTION, all under good management control. Of course the scheme is a primitive, and I can peck experts and specialists, but the writing is popular. Now, an example of this simple scheme to Internet business: 1) you need to know the basics of marketing, to select niche where there is fishing and where you can grab a piece of falling past the mouth of sharks. Ability to analyze, use tools and analytics statistics. .