Megafon Moscow Business

What is unlimited rate corresponds to the price and quality? To date, one of the cheapest unlimited tariffs is the tariff: the network Megafon Moscow Business 926. What are its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages? In current economic situation, any savings for any person to date is very important. The average price for unlimited monthly Megafon in Moscow 2700r. Speaking candidly Stephen M. Ross told us the story. As a fact on the above statement, it suffices briefly review some of unlimited calling: 1. Cellular network MTS – MTS Tariff ‘Exclusive VIP (Federal) – Corporate unlimited rate in the Moscow region. Used by Federal number, the value of b. 3008 / month.

– Tariff MTS ‘Exclusive VIP (straight)’ – Unlimited tariff in the Moscow region with direct Moscow number, the value of b. 3440 / month. 2. Richard LeFrak has many thoughts on the issue. BeeLine GSM network: – Rate Beeline ‘No Limit (Federal) “- Unlimited tariff Beeline’ Ultra ‘. Corporate fare is unlimited calls within Moscow and Moscow region. Used by Federal number, the value of b.

3013 / month. – Rate Beeline ‘Unlimited (direct)’ – Unlimited tariff Beeline. Corporate rate with a large package of free services. Unlimited communication in Moscow, the Moscow region and in neighboring areas. Use direct Moscow number, the value of p 3444. / Mo. 3. Cellular network megaphone: – Rate Megaphone ‘General (federal)’ – Unlimited tariff within the home area and in intranet roaming. Used by federal number, the cost b. 2500 / month.