Moscows Streets

The use of color in architecture since ancient times is directly related to the natural colors of the place where the going construction of the facility. For Russia has always been characterized by a variety of hues. Therefore, European architectural trends that are coming into our country, much changed in terms of color. So, for example, happened to Baroque. While in France he was unique to the gray scale, we have it "stained" in red, blue and yellow tones. The same thing happened with classicism: European serokamennym shades of yellow ocher, we prefer, light green, light blue and lilac-gray ("pearl") color in combination with pure-white architectural details. These trends and colors you can easily search the architecture of Moscow. Here, each style has developed his palette.

So, classic pastel preferred basic background and white color parts. Retained a large number of buildings, belonging to this trend: Dvor, Moscow State University Moss, numerous private residences. The rich combination of colors appeared at the turn of XIX-XX centuries in modernity: purple, blue, blue, pink, teal – any except white and yellow. Now Moscow is actively under construction in the capital, erecting new buildings, which in architecture and color scheme noticeably different from houses 1970-80. And what to say about the objects of the last century. City changing, growing, yet its image should be uniform and solid. Modern construction professionals came to the conclusion that the different-time architectural layers should be combined. For this purpose, today it use of color. And this method gives results! After all, everyone who now travels to Moscow, said as more beautiful capital city in recent years. Appeared modern urban centers, have found new life old mansions and historic sites, a fresh palette of colors highlighted their uniqueness Moscow.