Power Line Communication

This article has as objective main to approach on the definition, advantages, disadvantages and requirements of technology PLC, a technology that it uses the infrastructure of existing electric net in the residences or buildings for transmission of signals of data, voice and video enter these work groups, as well as the Internet traffic broad band. The main advantage of this technology is the use of a structure of existing electric net already in the building and residences for transmission of data (video and voice), to arrive the regions where, alternatives of fast access, not yet are available. What it is PLC (Power Line Communication)? According to National Agency of Electric Energy (2009), ‘ ‘ Power Line Communication (PLC) is a type of system that allows the transmission of Internet signals, voice, video and digital and analogical communication, by means of the net eltrica’ ‘. As well as the too much technologies cited in introduction of this article, the PLC also possesss a model already homologated by the IEEE, standard IEEE1901. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert J. Shiller.

In accordance with the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), model IEEE1901 is a work group created to write a standard for communications of electric net of high speed. This standard has as intention, to create new techniques of modulation to offer the possibility of use of the force lines, for the communication of high speed and in the fast progression in the direction of if creating a robust standard for applicatory of electric energy. Moreover, the National Agency of Electric Energy (2009) published through Federal official gazette of N 375, of 25 of August of 2009, a normative regulation that presents the rules for the use of the infrastructure of electric energy for communication through the communication of data, voice, video and Internet broad band. One gives credit that, with this norm, the country extends it to evolve, mainly, in relation to the digital inclusion, a time that, according to ANATEL (2009) 95% of the Brazilian population, have access to the electric energy 2.2.Caractersticas of signals PCL Existem two types of PLC signals: Interior (indoor), where the transmission is lead using the internal electric net of an apartment or a building..