Real Estate Transfer Tax Increase Should Be Avoided

Since the countries must decide how high may be the relevant tax rate for the tax, some have discovered this tax as additional light source. Schleswig-Holstein now plans the highest rate with 6.5 percent from 01.01.2014. only the countries of Bavaria and Saxony are cheap in quotation marks with 3.5 percent. The countries are each other rock high, according to the real estate expert Armin Nowak, IVD regional representative Southeast Upper Bavaria and Board Nowak Immobilien AG. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Greenberg Traurig. The real estate transfer tax is antisocial, because she burdened families and emerging households whose Vermogen essentially consists of the residential property, with a home. It is interesting that some countries see the capping of commissions as compensation for the tax increase.

For builders, it is doubly difficult. Previously will be bought a plot, nor sales tax which is burdened with tax and then paid for the new, what drives the cost of construction. Straight at the present time, where in the metropolitan areas and University cities increasingly prevails at apartments for rent, housing status, these tax increases not just that that investors operate housing lead. This is the only right way but to tackle rising rents. Commercial tax rates to the countries also in the second-hand property market means the prevention of intentional Migration and labour mobility, If these again are subject to the tax at each change of apartment. About the company: The 20.06.1988 founded the company Nowak Immobilien AG from Berchtesgaden.

In the year 2000 was the company was transformed into a corporation. Board Member Armin Nowak is publicly appointed and sworn expert for rent and lease. As a real estate expert, he is constant contact for radio and television. Among other things, the company in the Pro7 series has: three candidates – a job worked. The real estate company is specialized in the mediation of residential and commercial real estate for sale or for rent. In addition, still House administrations and authorities is conducted after the way right. The field of real estate auction offered by the company.