Renting an Office at Moscow’s Technopark

More than sixty of land will be allocated in the near future in Moscow for the construction of industrial parks, oriented to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. According to Moscow Mayor Yuri , no problems with allocation of land for the construction of such facilities would not be financing the construction of business incubators and technology parks, assured the mayor, will be carried out within the framework of public-private partnership. In addition, as reported by British Property, in 2010 under the program support innovative small and medium enterprises from the budget of Moscow planned to allocate two billion rubles, which is five times more than last year. Also, at least half space in the new technological parks city authorities intend to rent to companies innovate. It is this direction of development of industrial parks, rather than an ordinary office rent, according to officials, should become a priority in Moscow parks. Same aggregate amount of investments in the Russian commercial real estate this year, analysts estimate could rise by almost a quarter, reaching 3.5 billion U.S. noteworthy in this regard may look the incipient growth of rental rates, as recorded in the main business centers of our country. Thus, the Moscow office real estate regained third spot in the rankings of the most expensive cities in Europe, behind only recognized "leaders" London and Paris. It should be noted that the gradual upward adjustment is not exclusive to the premium segment. Rental of the most democratic office class "C" gradually become more expensive, thus prices, provided that the uptrend to reach pre-crisis level by early next year.