Retail Spending and Advertising

Visa, of course, also plans to spend in the fourth quarter. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nobel Laureate in Economics. "That's when there is an excessive amount of retail spending, so it's an important time frame for a usage message," said Liz Silver, Visa senior vice president of advertising and brand management. Back to school is another key period. Visa keep the old "It's everywhere you want to be" the positioning of this year. With a large amount of dollars allocated to his sponsorship of the 2002 Olympic Games, much of Visa other advertising will focus on its key partnerships with the National Football League, NASCAR, the Triple Crown and Broadway.

In addition to the brand in general and the use of advertising, Visa debit card support (a 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon "point that is currently running) and" Verified by Visa "product, an authentication service users online card purchases online ads. Visa spending last year was $ 251 million by CMR. American Express, which spent $ 154 million in 2001, recently launched an extensive brand campaign with the new label "make life rewarding." The initial phase includes nine television ads, some of which highlight the overall brand, while other characteristics AmEx services such as financial planning or travel assistance. AmEx also welcomed the announcements of its new small business network, open, earlier this year. Discover Card, meanwhile, is bringing back the "well worth discovering" the tag, which replaces "For the consumer a little more intelligent." This summer, communicate Discover the comfort of your newly submitted 2G0 card, an oblong card housed in a plastic box that can connect to a keychain.

You may also continue its sponsorship of ESPN College GameDay program, promotions and advertising related to college football. New this spring is the "shopping card discover Lucky 'platform, a 12-city tour held in conjunction with Lucky magazine. The program, which will be supported by local advertising, including fashion shows, makeup and hair consultations in retail stores such as Guess?, Sephora and Nine West. Discover spent $ 82 million in 2001, CMR. Finally, the buzz around chip cards, a trend speaks of last year as Visa and American Express promotes its entries in the category, has calmed. Bringing the technology of chip cards that can store data and allow consumers of particular market segments to be targeted, giving a way to retain and reward customers. But retailers must still use infrequent readers to the benefits of the cards to activate, making the current level of functionality in the real world low. Marc Sylvester is expect based in Edison, New Jersey. He has experience in banking and finance sector and is a conultant the main shops.