Standard Price

How not to cut the advertising budget, the fact remains – to refuse advertising not now! Necessary to maintain its market share, and not to give consumers more creative competitors, and to do so by abandoning Advertising is not possible. Responding to emerging market trends, Ltd. ‘Riword’ prepared a proposal on the basic directions of its products, and this – all kinds of exhibition equipment and advertising, promotional stands, Brochure Holder, mobile stands, promotional racks and racks of reception. Popular perfobukletnitsa ‘Sail’ is now from 1550 rub. In order to offer better price in the market, our beloved ‘Sail’ had ‘postroynet’ at 2 cm Standard conditions Brochure Holder has a width of the panel perfolista 26 cm, and the new economic ‘Sail’ – 24 cm At the same time all of the base pockets that rarzmeschalis on the standard ‘Sail’ can also be mounted on a new, economical option. The height of the new model – 164 cm is very interesting offer and in the section of mobile stands. Was released on a mobile stand ROll Up 2 m wide price of the stand (no graphic panels) 10 100 rub., Graphic panels 4 thousand rubles.

Thus only 15 thousand consumer is able to place a huge picture of a 2 x 2 m. Previously this would have to purchase booth Pop UP, and the most economical configuration of the stand with the Pop UP graphic panels will cost about 40,000 rubles. And, Of course, you should pay attention to our promotional folding racks that we offer at an unbeatable price 2400 rub. Sturdy folding promostoyki easy to transport and perform their function well on placement at the promoters outreach activities. Also a large selection of chrome Brochure Holder at the best prices. Since chrome pocket Brochure Holder for 21 A4 is only 1,800 rubles. This is a unique price, and very beautiful form Brochure Holder different pockets, and durable chrome finish (chrome electroplating) ensures longevity of this design.

Use the opportunity to acquire high-quality profitable promotional stands. Ltd. ‘Riword’ bodies.