Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is an issue I have been working on making proposals to achieve a balance between available water resources and water consumption by sector, have achieved the acceptance of several proposals to reduce waste, introduce technology risks, assessing the sources of supply, etc.., however, until you reach the MBA, I realized that the solution is not alone in investing billions of dollars in work to achieve balance in the hydrological cycle, but mostly to make the people aware that water and many other things in nature such as forests, soils, etc., are being devastated indiscriminately and combined with the enormous environmental pollution in the basin master di me that the most profitable in this respect is through information and awareness campaigns and above all a strong emphasis on education of new generations, ie sustainable development should be from within of humans is supported by the spirituality and sustained through a sense of love of nature and actions to convince our neighbors to protect and nurture the natural environment. With this paradigm shift, more comprehensive, spiritual, I made the decision to start on my own attitudes that promote environmental protection, I’ve made since then comment on my exhibitions or meetings, including it as a fundamental part of mining projects in source water supply and raising new options to reduce consumption and avoid wastage especially in population centers and farmland.