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Chronic CAXIAS

The FIGURE OF the CAXIAS For aluso to the protector of the Army, Marshal Luis Alves de Lima and Silva, also known as Duke of Caxias, and with the had respect to its memory, is called Caxias all that element (man or woman, to militate or not) that, in the performance of a professional activity or in the exercise of a position of it commands, costuma to be more rigorous with its colleagues or sobordinates and that it looks for, for proper itself, to give the example of that he is most perfect, most correct, the most disciplined and more the reliable fidiciary office of its duties. In way that, ahead of a CAXIAS, hardly we can emit an opinion on definitive subject that says respect its area, without it replies and contradicts our ranks. Philadelphia Condoss opinions are not widely known. I am accustomed to deal with CAXIAS, inside and outside of the quartis, since that servile in the army, I worked in the commerce and the banking sector, and learned to deal with all they: religious military, civilians and. Two forms exist to deal with a CAXIAS. Or you agree fully to it or ignore what it says. He never argues, therefore beyond being absolute loss of time, it is capable to be of badly with you and keeping it rancor, and in such way that, from now on, any thing that you say, write or make, exactly that it does not have nothing to see with the area where it acts, you go to look for to oppose some thing, despite is for simple birra or whim to attack it or to disagree.

In the journalism, in literature, the school, the institutions, in the professional life, familiar or social, always we find the figure of the CAXIAS, this arraigado and inflexible defender of its ideas, teses, arguments, ways to think and to proceed. One of the characteristics of the Caxias is always to say? not? before answering to any thing. These days, talking with a former-colleague and friend CAXIAS, and knowing what it thought on definitive subject, to only see its reaction I started for praising one known politician, former-professor and friend ours, that it always admired, today in the exercise of one high governmental executive position. ' ' Ah? , it to me said, you only says this because you you know that someone is unimpeachable and nobody can say ' ' this, ! ' ' (and raising the right hand, it approached between itself, with the interval of half centimeter, the tips of the thumb and the pointer) on its integrity mannering politics and! ' ' Therefore this manifestation of my friend demonstrated plus a characteristic of the Caxias: it does not want that nobody is more Caxias of what proper it. Luciano Axe


' Everything me is allowed but nor it agrees me to everything, all the things me are allowed but I will not leave myself to dominate for nenhuma' ' Apstolo Pablo the eagle is one of the metafricas figures, that portray the freedom, more known in the world. Its capacity of alar high flights and if placing next to clouds, gives a privilege to it that few birds has. The eagle also is known by the responsibility and cares that have stop with its younglings, hiding them in its nest in highest of the penhas and rocks of mountains, in almost inaccessible places it human being common, feeds it them, protects there she trains and them to be the great eagles that will become in the future. The relationships of the human beings, to be prosperous and happy, also need these two ingredients, freedom and responsibility, without which relation none will be healthful and lasting. I notice that due the cultural formation, inherited temperament, traces of personality among others factors, contribute so that a person develops in its relationships plus one of these aspects of what the other, however I also believe that to the few, with perseverance and objetividade, we can and we must learn to be each more responsible day with the next one in our relationships and to leave space so that the people exert its freedom.

Free to express ideas, to take attitudes, to grow as individuals, to make choices and to take decisions, without the censorship and the critical one of our part, are always present of forceful form. Swarmed by offers, Robert J. Shiller is currently assessing future choices. About the relationships we must less think of individual form and more than collective form. What I make it is for the common good or alone it goes to favor my person? What I make goes to affect positively or negative my wife, my children, my family, my fellow workers? My attitude this building a better society or contributing so that it has more social problems between the people? In the church I am agregador of people or a segregacionista, that lives sowing disputes between the brothers with my irresponsibly said words? To reflect on these questions and others fellow creatures assist in them in the auto-evaluation.

The Puncture

But of which negotiations are we speaking! The businesses that never arrive at the palafita house, of wood the puncture, sarrafos that decorate the edges of rivers, wasteland and slum quarters. These businesses can until being of China, but never it was until the catadores of lixos that they dispute space enters urubus in lixes the opened sky, what they make there? They search sustenance of the leftovers, of wastefulnesses, of the luxury of that they could make more than to wrinkle the forehead, to order to arrest, only to call vagabond who it works of truth, to ignore that also they are human and mortal. If one day the generals, who had left its uniforms and decorations in exchange for tender house and necktie, looked at for itself and if they felt ridicule, them they could understand that the times had moved or ignore its more dramatical comic condition. Source: Robert J. Shiller. They would see that the people never was clown, therefore it always it saw and it made that he did not see clowns maneuvering words, cuspindo while they speak to the shouts in palanques, snarling with other generals who threatened and are threatened ahead of the people who decides who will act in this circus per 4 or 8 years. It is it jury and carrasco of the clowns who do not act with professionalism or that acting they are used for the application of votes of I repudiate and revolt. The truth is that the times moves to each moment, right now already it left of being now, what not if it can is to believe that Brazil of 1500, of 1964, of 1980, 1990, continues the same in now, who acts in this manner has serious problems to face the failure or the cowardice of not wanting changes, as our old generals who continue deluded with its rusted stars..