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Social Insurance Fund

The birth of a child – it's always a holiday. Of course, as befits every holiday, it passes quickly and gives way to endless series of everyday life. Young parents need to address many issues related to the provision of child favorable conditions for growth and development. At first, they have the support of the Social Insurance Fund. This state, therefore, supports the parents' newborn babies. After all, if you will not be born children, the nation doomed to extinction. Payments are most often young mothers. But the law can get, and other family members: fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers.

The amount of assistance can initially provide the child with everything they need. Further, all content of the kid falls on the shoulders of parents. But we are now talking only about material needs. For some reason, many parents believe that their case – to give the child clothes, shoes, food, shelter and a minimum of entertainment. A to educate children must state, kindergarten, school, college.

It turns out that most teachers of our children are the street and television. This is fundamentally wrong and irresponsible! Immunize your child social and universal values is only possible in the family. And only in the family can teach a child to independence. It is not so important to leave to his successor an apartment, how to teach him to earn enough so he could buy himself accommodation. It should not only seek to give a child everything you need, but also teach his own to support themselves. Most parents overlook this important aspect of education. But you can teach a child to adulthood live wisely and in that time for him to form a capital that he can manage and dispose of at their discretion. Make it helps children's cumulative insurance. If your coming of age child will have at its disposal a large enough amount, you can use to pay for tuition or to make another major investment in the future.

Insurance Apartments

Privatization of housing has made millionaires out of us, the owners, because at a cost of 1 square meter to 50,000 rubles, the cost of an average two-bedroom apartment in the city reaches 3 million rubles or more. However, whether all understand that obtaining ownership of the apartment, we were fully responsible for their safety. Do we realize that we do if our property that will happen as a result of fire, flooding or other emergencies. According to statistics, in St. Petersburg in the year is more than a hundred fires in the residential sector. But if the fires are more amenable to statistics, the number of flood water and leaks in residential apartments, no one counted.

But almost in every house are a regular occurrence of flooding and leaking apartments inadvertently neighbors. Gain insight and clarity with Stephen M. Ross. Imagine you've just had done a good repair at his apartment. All of a sudden horror, neighbors poured on top your apartment: the ceiling in the yellow divorces, wallpaper warp, wooden floor vspuchen, furniture ruined. What should I do? Go to the neighbors and sort things out? It so happens that sort things out a more expensive or pointless. And where to get money to buy a new apartment in case of total damage? The answer is obvious – it's flat insurance. Your apartment can be insured against the following risks: * fire, gas explosion, lightning, natural disasters * * damage water; * burglary or robbery * wrongful acts of third parties; * collision. At the same time can be insured together or separately: * The apartment walls, flat finish * * technical equipment * Furniture, personal property; * your liability (the neighbors).