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Roby Delgado

If we consider ourselves with limited capacity, we have very little. If we think that we don’t deserve us to be rich, because we will be poor. In all these examples, the standard is the same, and have solely depends on our attitude positive in our thoughts and considerations about our lives and ourselves. Jim kingery is likely to agree. Our way of communicating with the universe is through our mind and in it we have the I lower also called subconscious. He is responsible for expressing everything what there has been programmed. It is responsible for controlling our body, our heart, liver, breathing, and a long etc. If we had to rely on the awareness for these functions we would have died shortly after birth. Now, the subconscious not reasons, only archived images and concepts that will be available to be applied at the time that is required.

For this reason, those files must be of good quality and not be contaminated with fears. If in our thought intimate, I mean, what is recorded in our subconscious, is that we want to not be poor, what we actually recorded is the image of being poor. The mind not filed words, archived images. Therefore the fact I want to not be poor, produces exactly the opposite of what we want. The image of poverty is receiving the subconscious and will not repair the non-because that Word does not have an associated image. Then, the answer is you want poverty and I give it to you. Instead, if we send images of happiness, of wealth, of fullness, the mind must be congruent with these images and what will manifest in our life will be exactly that. There are no ways to eliminate fears. We have to do is control them and for this we must supplant them with positive thoughts and never represent images of failures or mistrust. We have nothing to fear, except own fear my strategies creating mine of gold my site staff Roby Delgado

Prefabricated Houses

Many times the future owners choose a prefabricated house by its great advantages in energy efficiency, cost, security, and primarily saving of time and money in construction. Quality: Unlike conventional homes, prefabricated houses are made in factories, this translates into construction materials capable of being controlled and inspected properly and with little margin for error, and at the same time guarantees the quality of construction much more thoroughly than in a conventional construction. In addition the materials used to build a modular home are not exposed to the weather but it kept in a temperature controlled environment thus eliminating the risk of materials, worn, failed or ruined. Quality inspections are usually 3 times longer than a standard construction, and are conducted throughout the process to ensure the quality of the final product. Strict compliance with mandatory standards for this type of houses, designed to be lifted by cranes of high performance, explains how these homes are able to withstand transportation and Assembly processes fully intact. Energy efficiency and cost: modular or prefabricated houses are also built to be energetically more efficient than a conventional House. Their designs with improved insulation, and in many cases material of better quality, result in a sustainable home that saves money on heating and air conditioning costs, costs that are higher than ever these days.

And if saving money is an important issue at the time of the assessment, then it should be mentioned that the average cost per square metre of a prefabricated house is significantly cheaper than other not prefabricated houses and they usually involve less maintenance. These savings occur for several reasons, starting with the way in which these houses are built and assembled. Only by being built in factory cost is low because the materials can be purchased in bulk, reduce labour costs, they leverage best times of production, prevents any type of accident in construction are not wasted surplus materials, i.e. many risks are diminished, and in sum these benefits result in better price. Time saving: Another bonus is the time saved in the construction and Assembly. This is due to the majority of parts are produced in a factory and not incurring delays, labor, or climatic drawbacks or problems related to materials. Thanks to this controlled method of manufacturing a prefab House can take 6 to 8 weeks for your production, delivery, installation, clear that everything will depend on the manufacturer.