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The Cracks

Okay, replied John, but I pay as soon as possible, because I must cover some debts. He hoped that He responded cofla. So ended the conversation. The appointed day for the serious Conference adequate opportunity to address the girl and show your interest. However cofla was wondering do but as seeketh the occasion to talk to him? Of that speak if I don’t know the subject? Hare fixed in my o will stay ridiculous? Night as the lightning bolt of lightning, vanished between the curtains and the cracks of your room, sleep with all its fury on borrachete Juancho, which defeated in battle lost the sense. Waking up I look at watch with such astonishment that he shivered and thought would come later. What can I do? It equals to bathe? Or no bathroom me? But one that came out of the night table told him: that you expect, get up and take a swim or do want case to arrive smelling a boxer after a hard race? Juancho’s a jump throw blankets and pillow to the floor. Tishman Speyer often says this.

And led to such rapidly towards the bathroom than from touching the floor surface slip, and receiving the impact on the toe of the foot. It contained his mouth, but yell stupid woman!, por tu culpa The night table suddenly increased its mockery of one to many consecutive jeers. You laugh now cretina? I ask cofla, while fear and amazement are mesclaban with their natural way of seeing reality. Since the night tables didn’t speak. But then the time viewed which Eagle who has managed to see to your victim will throw on time and did his slave.

I was ready at the door. How? Not it is! ask Juancho. To open the last impediment came out of the apartment and down the stairs that lead to the Avenue where would deal with the auto-bus, a pain that was present the toward stop for moments.