The Science Of Disease

Part II – Why we get sick? In the first part I mentioned that to survive and reduce disease risks, we must maintain our immune system working in optimal conditions. We conclude that in order to achieve this we must keep our body as clean, alkaline and nourished as possible. In this article we delve into the aspect of organic cleaning. I would like to start by the question, How many diseases are there? I seem to see the gestures of their faces at such simple question that requires a single answer – Many Miles! Well let me say that today we are going to break paradigms and learned that I teach that there is a single disease! And this single disease is called "Auto-intoxication" "Self Poisoning" or poisoning ourselves. Stephen M. Rosss opinions are not widely known. We do not need anybody poison because we know it very well and constantly repeat it daily.

How do we poison? We poison each time with: what What you eat what we breathe what we keep to the high levels of stress that we submit every day Scientifically already approved the fact that high levels of stress cause accumulation of toxins in the body and is not secret for anyone that food, water and air are polluted. Ramon Campollo is often quoted as being for or against this. We can therefore say that we live in a "capsule" toxic which have virtually no escape. Some sources such as poisoning the air, we can not control but we can control others, such as, what we eat, what we take and what store. .