The Service

Very valid is affirmation that mentions, that to offer a good service does not reach, if the client does not perceive it, is logical and real to visualize that if the client or user does not perceive that satisfaction as far as his tastes and expectations, therefore the offered service is of quality the general perception will incline towards a dissatisfaction combined to the preferences, motivations and internal needs of the individual. Martinez adds in addition, who he is really desmotivante to compare to Venezuela with the degree of development of other countries and the attention that render in each one of the activities that realise. These countries consider that a good service to the client is a tool powerful and very important of present marketing since its correct performance allows to sell with benefit. What is understood by management on watch, attention to the client? We can define the process of management of the attention to the client according to Hernandez (2007): like a set of activities developed by the organizations with direction to the market, directed to satisfy the needs with the clients and to identify its present expectations, that with a high probability will be their future needs, in order to be able to satisfy them arrived the opportune moment. Very few managers of market in Venezuela directs their efforts in the attainment of strategic targets based on the capacity to catch and fidelizar a sufficiently ample base of clients to generate the income that are going to allow to him to cover their costs and of investing in their own development and progress and on the one of all those that comprise of the company. The main factors for the good management that at the moment present/display weaknesses in the service of attention to the client in they are: courtesy, fast attention, personal informed good, affection, trustworthiness and personal attention. By all previously exposed, it is possible to be indicated that many of the weaknesses of the service of attention to the client have a direct relation with the Management of Markets but unquestionable that all the members of an organization must be aligned with the objective towards a good attention the client, this way very many more it is involved than the Management of Trade would have to take action for fulfilling and so it would have to be the organizational culture of a company. It concludes Martinez in its commentary, that continuously to improve the attention to the client as half to obtain his loyalty it is not a subject to want or not to want, to do something for ” sporadically; agradar” to the clients treats in fact, of an inescapable imperative for all company, great or small, that it tries to continue progressing and advancing in the highly competitive markets of nowadays Definitively, the appreciations and contributions of Martinez are interesting and demonstrates that the companies of the country require of a new culture on watch the client, that one very takes in roadside ditch the consumer, that the necessary attention to its requirements is lent to him and programs stay, actions that guarantee a good service if it is really wanted to assure the fidelity the client towards the company that provides its products and services to him.