Who Pays For The Apartment Fire Damage?

After the fire is often disputed: who was responsible for the fire? Whoever for coming up for the damage? Apartment owners are quickly getting a fire before nothing. Then is often disputed: who was responsible for the fire? Whoever for coming up for the damage? Dishes at good legal representation can be surprisingly forgiving when assessing fire caused through negligence. A District Court has apologised for example a young man who had caused a room fire by burning an advent wreath (AZ: 10 O 141/98). He could prove the serious intention by the already launched coffee machine, prepare a romantic breakfast by lighting of the advent wreath. His girlfriend he was involved but when attempting to wake up in a lovemaking: Meanwhile the apartment burned down. The Court’s opinion it could not also require that by a young man.

The influence of physical stimuli is therefore unpredictable. The insurance had to advocate in this case the Court considers the damage. Also a the marriage dispute forgotten Christmas tree or an accidental bump to burning candles can not interfere with often the insurance obligation. The victim lives can come up to rent the fire insurance of the building for the renovation of the apartment. But only if the tenant did not cause the damage.

Generally, the landlord must not arise for the damage to the property of the lessee. Here, only the own contents insurance can help. The own apartment has become uninhabitable, the lessee is also entitled to reduce the rent to zero, if he did not cause the fire damage. In any case you should seek a legal consultation with major damage. Blame in causing of fires is often a question case – and good legal representation. Just because fires usually high damage, is consulting with a lawyer involved in the insurance law.