You Decide History

All this material and programming is made with the intention of distracting public opinion from the transcendental. In the experience of each of us are present time when we incur these types of corruption, not necessarily just economic, moral, values. Corruption is any act that goes against their nature, their essence.

As a solution, we can conclude that to err is human and likewise, correct. The corruption is worse not to act on our part to do, think and even feel. With this apathy we relegate the right to have its own voice, by pure and simple comfort. In justification and avoidance are our best weapons, not to transcend, yes, but also the best way to stay oblivious to the personal, social, national and with this, we fall into the trap of denying our own identity, freedom, home and therefore, the right to assert our courage and freedom to others. Hear from experts in the field like Nobel Laureate in Economics for a more varied view. This was the real struggle of the liberators of the country. They fought for their ideals, yearnings and died for them, believing that it was and it was the right thing. We have these same options. Strive to live a life according to our beliefs, desires, expectations or otherwise live in mediocrity, in the shadow of the winners.

The national heroes they wrote their story. Today we remember. We have the option of writing our own. Will you dare to be a hero of your own history or let others whom they are writing about your olive branches? Will you dare to be a new Mexican or let the weight of the cartoons of others, the poor fall about you? The coin is flipped The History is waiting for your decision. Remember: History is written by the victors. Do you expect or we withdraw? You decide …