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Logistics Department

The fact that companies should focus more on the way of how to usher in a logistics management that meets the required functions to ensure their effectiveness, says Franco considered, taking into account that one of the fundamental principles of Logistics is that if given the network seeking to align, synchronize and optimize the entire supply chain from beginning to end (ie, including not only all parts of the company, but also their suppliers and customers as a whole), is can obtain better results than those obtained if given the different parts of the company separately. Unfortunately, organizational structures and incentives of the incumbents lead to a poultry-minded administration, where every manager looks after the interests of their own department, sometimes to the detriment of greater benefit to the entire enterprise. To all this must be remembered that since much of the efficiencies offered by the logistics are obtained by changes in territories that are not under the full supervision of any traditional management, many large companies have established an organizational structure Department Logistics (sometimes called the Supply Chain Department) to manage the integration, synchronization and optimization of the logistics network of the company management through traditional barriers, and working closely with suppliers and customers to the benefit of all. Similarly, the incentives of all managers and employees of the company was restructured to reflect its collaboration with global logistics goals and objectives not only of their own department. Definitely logistics management should take into account planning, procurement, production, distribution and return. .

Money Management – The Holy Grail Of Trading

Money management determines the amount of risk in each trade. This risk is a vital element of any trading system – too much risk and the chances of going bust are too high, too little and the reward for trading is too low. The main methods for calculating trade size are: Fixed fractional number of commercial contracts is determined by a fixed percentage of current equity. As all futures contracts can be traded only with this, in effect, means that the trader uses 1 contract per $ x of equity. For example, a contract for $ 10,000. Fixed fractions, however, requires the achievement of levels of inequality in different contract.

For each contract of a $ 10,000 contract to spend 1-2 requires a gain of $ 10,000 a contract. To move from 10 contracts to 11 still requires $ 10,000 profit but from 10 contracts. So for smaller account sizes it will take much time for the administration money really come into play and the larger the number of contracts traded jumps around violently. Using fixed fractional the number of contracts traded is calculated as equity / x, where x = dollars per contract ($ 10,000 in the previous example). Contracts – social capital required $ 1-10000 2-20000 3-30000 4-40000 5-50000 6-60000 fixed ratio Fixed ratio adds a variable to the fixed fractional method.

Fixed ratio adds delta to the calculation. The delta is a factor that is required to move to the next level contract. The lower the delta the more aggressive the money management is. The formula is: social capital required to trade previous contract size + (number of contracts x delta) = the next level. For example, from a base of $ 10,000 per contract of 1 and a delta of $ 5,000: Contracts – social capital required $ 1-10000 2-15000 3-25000 4-40000 5-60000 6-85000 The Comparing the table above that of fixed installments can be seen in the lower levels of the account will require less capital, as the account grows the number of contracts traded becomes less aggressive.

the therapeutic

One side of the industry is "natural" and the other is the chemical (mainly traditional products skin care). What is interesting is that the scope of the claims of the chemistry of natural ingredients, formulas for natural skin care have no basis for fact or scientific legitimacy, a kind of quackery. The oxymoron There is evidence that toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration and absorbed through the skin into the body's circulation system, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The chemicals and toxins found in most commercial products skin care also has a detrimental effect on the environment, although this effect is only beginning to be understood. It is now recognized that, although these ingredients are found in limited amounts of these chemicals made in almost all the products we use and used daily, its allergy overload. Considering that aromatherapy (essential oils and blends have very powerful properties to promote and maintain healthy, beautiful and young skin) have been used for centuries for skin and beauty care. Unfortunately, in the 19th century, new chemical processes made it cheaper to produce versions These synthetic oils.

These synthetic oils found in many of our products for skin care have the aroma, but not the therapeutic qualities. And essential oils have a proven history of healing and treatment of many ailments. The ingredients are what counts not yet a believer? What about nicotine patches, the patch is not that forcing the medication, but in reality your skin natural waterproofing. Scientific research is discovering that many chemicals in personal care products may actually pose potentially serious long-term threats to health when used over a long period of time, because the skin absorbs like a sponge.

Choosing a College

Within a short time it occurred to me a list of 20 universities that I saw in the next four years. All these colleges had multiple specializations within my field of study, were fully accredited, and had good graduation rates with good reputations. I further narrowed my list to 14 by selecting those universities which were located near a larger city, one of the criteria I was looking at my university. Narrowing down my five had above average SAT scores (nothing to take me to Harvard though) and therefore had a wider selection of options for me. Therefore, my final decision would largely be determined by the funds from my parents, scholarships or grants and money that could earn through the study of off-campus.

I visited the websites of each college and took virtual tours of the facilities offered. Each had its strengths, huge libraries, modern student residences, student body size, a wide variety of extracurricular activities and sports, and more. I was able to reduce the list from fourteen to five on the basis of the following criteria: go to college within 4 hours from home, my budget for college, and a smaller body of students to offer a more personal approach to my education. Parents and Applications Next, I got my parents involved in my decision. They had been helping me along the way, but I needed your help in making the final, important decisions. I showed the list of five schools that had, including details, locations and costs.

Together, we have reduced the list to three possible colleges that I could attend. They wanted a college or university to be easy for them to visit, but would also have an excellent education and housing. The following weekend, completing the 3 applications and mailed to these colleges and universities. Now was the time to wait for the answer. Make the final choice in a few weeks, had received acceptance letters from every school, where I submitted my application. In the end, my parents and I decided that the best way to take the final decision was to visit the campus. It took us two days to visit all three campuses.

Visiting the Royal College was very different from the virtual tours. My final choice was actually quite easy. I chose the University of Texas at Austin. The most important steps along the way so that I would be testing for professional evaluation of my university research online through virtual tour options, and sit with my parents to discuss the schools to submit applications to . This helped make my final decision easier. I hope these steps can help you find a college or university as you make career decisions.


The crisis in the hotels and tourism have been reflected in a problematic economic, social, cultural and political figures that has devastated housing and foreigners in our country. Beginning in 1999, experienced the largest depression because of the violence, the government and the maldistribution of money. This was manifested dare of the figures and the delay of tourism development. It is also evident, and has been shown historically that the economy and tourism are closely linked and there is a strong correlation in their behavior. When economic growth is high, tourism is growing and improving, but instead in times of contraction and a slowing economy and performance indicators fall tour. Today investments are key to the success of the hotel.

Millions of investors are still plotting and dynamic hotel projects that are based on trends and prospects informed because the hotel is linked to the maximum with economy and more than a growing country like ours. The government has also played a roll too important in the growth of hotel projects because they have implemented ideas to promote hotel investment and tax cuts in new or remodeled hotels. In Colombia, the economy in 1999 historical record ends.

The first by low inflation and the second for his sharp recession and high unemployment. The problem that is generated in our country was so sharp economic contraction, which had many causes, some immediately and the international financial crisis unleashed in 1998 and others that were brewing slowly.


The significance of culture as a set of symbols and objects that model the behavior of a group of people, is shared and passed generation to generation, is self-regulated, adjusted and beyond. The symbols are reflected in values, attitudes, beliefs, norms, languages, customs, habits and objects, are made explicit in the type of housing, clothing, utensils. All these components are learned, shared and transmitted from one seed to another, members of a society, are factors that determine, control and shape human behavior. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from John Savignano. And, like a genetic marker of DNA modification is extremely difficult. From these definitions, it should be designed for cultural diversity as the natural interaction of the symbols and objects that coexist in a given area, involving at the same time, openness to differences and the preservation of the special.

This coexistence of disparate cultures, occurs within the tourism exchanges, student, literary, artistic, military, civil or commercial. This unique co-existence of values and rituals their way across borders, while the shadow (or light) of globalization covers all activities of the world order How, then this cluster of substances and emblems unequal acquisitions or mergers? How to integrate local cultures? How do they do the distant? How homogeneous cultures blend of local roots, and how we achieve the opposite? It would be unlikely that those countries that have values, rituals, images, logos and similar practices, can generate better relationships than those who have a significant cultural distance.