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Spanish Catalunya

Common errors and how not to allow themselves to be deceived! fixation on a certain All of the region heard about , and Barcelona in particular, and believe that this area is limited to Spain. But by the standards of the Spanish has a bad climate, there are very high prices, including real estate. Suitable for the construction of the land is very small, and therefore offer the real estate market is small. Advise you to pay attention to other regions, primarily – on the Costa Blanca. Very common misconception that in Ukraine than in Barcelona will not get. It is not. Planes fly from Kiev in Madrid. There's a convenient connection from Madrid and Barcelona to any airport in the country, as well as comfortable and cheap buses and trains. Desire to live right on the beach Ukrainians, Russians and the rest of our former compatriots often ask the first line from the sea. It should not do. Why? First, housing for first-line costs much more than a second – the third. Why pay 20 – 40% more for 100 – 300 meters? Is not it easier to pass them on foot, seriously save money on purchases? Secondly, the house by the sea assume the wind and the sea breeze is sometimes quite strong. Houses are subject to constant Effects of the marine moisture, salt and sand from the beach, that makes too much paint, and even change the metal structures and greatly complicates cleaning. mania for giants in choosing the property the former Nationals ussr multimeter buy apartments, houses with huge (15 – 20 or more hectare) land