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Spanish Catalunya

Common errors and how not to allow themselves to be deceived! fixation on a certain All of the region heard about , and Barcelona in particular, and believe that this area is limited to Spain. But by the standards of the Spanish has a bad climate, there are very high prices, including real estate. Suitable for the construction of the land is very small, and therefore offer the real estate market is small. Advise you to pay attention to other regions, primarily – on the Costa Blanca. Very common misconception that in Ukraine than in Barcelona will not get. It is not. Planes fly from Kiev in Madrid. There's a convenient connection from Madrid and Barcelona to any airport in the country, as well as comfortable and cheap buses and trains. Desire to live right on the beach Ukrainians, Russians and the rest of our former compatriots often ask the first line from the sea. It should not do. Why? First, housing for first-line costs much more than a second – the third. Why pay 20 – 40% more for 100 – 300 meters? Is not it easier to pass them on foot, seriously save money on purchases? Secondly, the house by the sea assume the wind and the sea breeze is sometimes quite strong. Houses are subject to constant Effects of the marine moisture, salt and sand from the beach, that makes too much paint, and even change the metal structures and greatly complicates cleaning. mania for giants in choosing the property the former Nationals ussr multimeter buy apartments, houses with huge (15 – 20 or more hectare) land

Please Take Advantage Tips For Better Life

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. Every day we are given the opportunity to stay alive in this plenary, we must take advantage of knowing, it is incumbent upon each one driving our emotions, feelings, being aware in everything to help us grow, surprised in how we operate , as we manage our energy and advanced to at every opportunity before us. a Since we traveled a number of years at the time that will always be permanent, while on this dimension. Undoubtedly, we will have lot of knowledge that we acquired, the product of our experience, experience that we accumulated and bequeathed us life lessons that have helped us grow to be better, to fulfill our mission and service line. a Also, others have done this plane passers-by who have left us their experiences, lessons learned as the case of Regina Brett, that we are enclosing in this letter and share with those interested in becoming better. Real have already been proposed to take life to the fullest. It is up to each one based on our experience, insight, take into account those lessons that we believe are relevant to each towards our growth.

In any case the contributions of Brett invited to assess, reflect, to which we have taken advantage of our life, like those lessons which may be a sign, have given a significant role in our behavior. 45 LESSONS OF LIFE Written by Regina Brett, 90, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio. To celebrate the arrival at my advanced age, once wrote the 45 lessons life has taught me.

Southern Hemisphere

The first place of mountains and relaxing to spend the weekend or even a day, and Pomaire, famous for its pottery, ceramics and local cuisine like empanadas or corn cake. A great alternative is to take a tour of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, visiting on the way a vineyard in the Casablanca Valley. Strange and familiar. This mixed feeling will without fail, when you sit on the Plaza de Armas, the main square of Santiago de Chile, and let eyes wander around. Strange, for example, is that here in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. Maybe it started in the middle of gray European autumn and is now more radiant in the spring. At midday, the sun is in the north but is capable of heating and reliably. The atmosphere reminds Europe: Spanish arcades, palaces amononados on the corner a modern building of glass and mirrors next to the neo-classical cathedral.

Family is also the aspect of people: typical Latino? No, false alarm. Santiaguinos seem not unlike the inhabitants of Frankfurt, Rome or London: yuppies rush in designer suits, school girls laugh, office workers in their gray uniforms, women managers and stomping on your cellphone to his ear. In the square, you're in the eye of the hurricane, while two blocks beyond the hustle queen of the metropolis, the people here realizes wandering around, looking through the shoulders of the players of chess or listening to a quartet rope. The cliche of a chaotic Latin American metropolis is false, everything happens here quiet and civilized.

ISO Audit

In the storm is when you know the good pilot companies herein are fully identified with what represents the philosophy, culture of quality, more to the reality of economic scenarios, commercial, highly competitive and where quality and productivity significantly assist in development of business management should this slope with all matters concerning quality management and audit-related. The quality audit is a management tool used to verify and evaluate quality-related activities within an organization. With the use of the audit can assess the effectiveness of the various activities that constitute the quality system of an organization, and corrective actions / preventive measures taken must be taken into account, however, that the philosophy of the programs Quality assurance is based on prevention rather than detection of problems-It is indicated that quality audit provides management company based objective evidence on facts which will enable management to make decisions based on facts and not assumptions. It also says that quality audits are, for organizations, a very important tool in three situations: a) as a requirement according to the schedule and procedure to comply with the standards established by ISO 9000; b) as a tool to facilitate the management review and continuously improve the system of quality management in place and c) as the methodology for the evaluation of their activities by their clients or by certification bodies. It is also important to bear in mind that the quality audit is usually applied, but not limited to a quality system or its components, processes, products or services.