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Ecuadorian People

With as soon as a thread of voice, Nancy, an Ecuadorian citizen, low to the street and gave thanks to the 150 people who from the 8,30 in the morning and during four hours concentrated themselves in front of their house, in the Sicily street, Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), not to let enter the property a judicial retinue that she had to execute the ousting. The demonstrators, students, housewives, retired and old woman fighters of left, achieved their objective: to postpone the embargo of this pair with four children, the small of 12 and two years, for want of payment. I want to give thanks to all these people who are here been helping at the moment so hard, said Nancy with entereza after confirming the delay. A neighbor gave the bud to him of a plant. And, it already, more calmed, supported then the face in the shoulder of Maribel, a friend of the Platform of Affected by Hipoteca (PAH) and cried almost in silence. Source of the news: : Pido the opportunity to demonstrate what I can hacer"

Personal Finance, Pay -Off Your Debts

At the end of the year many North Americans are fortunate to receive a refund of taxes from Uncle Sam, now these individuals are having to choose how they want to spend those extra funds. Here are some tips that may help. 1. Pay any debts that may have accrued. Most tax refunds are going to pay car loans, study, mortgages and credit card balances. In our view, the debt must be paid first are those pesky credit card debt. Typically, these cards carry high interest rates ranging from 19 to 29%, meaning a bit heavy payments for interest. Mortgages and other loans on the other side is more reasonable interest rates.

We encourage you to prioritize your debts and try to eliminate first those with a higher interest rate. A large number of individuals who are faced with heavy debts credit card opt to use companies that specialize in negotiating debt. These companies can reduce debt significantly, between 40-60%, which can be thousands of dollars saved. 2. Home repair and other improvements. The heater is not working very well? The roof has a leak? The car has a strange noise? The reimbursement of taxes is a great way to make use of this money to make these repairs so far had failed to include in its budget. We recommend you take those extra funds to make repairs that will not be fixed in the future might get more expensive or stop working altogether.

3. Investments. This is a great investment opportunity. Ordinary North Americans do not have sufficient savings that will last longer than 1 month. This means that an illness or unexpected emergency improvising can leave you bankrupt. We recommend you save some extra dollars for those rainy days. 3. Pamper yourself buying something you've always wanted. No accounts payable? No debt? There needs to be repaired? Has extra savings? It is among the lucky few. Then enjoy your good fortune and treat yourself to something. A new TV, a pool table, go shopping, holiday on an island. Indulge a little, because after all you live but once. Scott Wallitsch is IAPDA Certified Debt Negotiator for as DebtorSolution. He provides advice on (and) people who are seeking to become financially and economically independent.

Beds at Home

Embroidery colored threads attached to the brightness and clarity of deposition of decorative image. Sateen bed linens with colored yarn looks more elegant than the usual linen colored satin, but more expensive. Ranfors. Ranfors – is the main type of human tissue for the production of bed clothes, different density, strength, durability, good hygienic properties. Withstand very large number of washings, retaining strength and lightness.

The density of weaving ranfors exceeds all known calico and linen. In the textile industry in the manufacture of ranforsa use a special method of weaving of high quality raw materials, 100% natural cotton st. Ranfors is the most costly option in collections of bed linen . Damask. Damask is made from high-grade cotton. Ornament satin fabric weave is provided that gives extra shine the drawing surface. This is especially noticeable on the matte the fabric surface.

Strength and durability of damask has no equal. Bamboo. Bamboo – the fiber of the "new generation". Bamboo bedding has a natural sheen of silk and cashmere is softer. Different fiber unusually porous, which makes it much absorbent cotton: moisture is absorbed and evaporates instantly. In addition, bamboo fiber itself, which goes for fabric, very durable. Bamboo fiber non-irritating and has natural antibacterial properties, it contains a component BAMBOO KUN (pronounced kun Bumbo) that prevents bacterial growth. Suitable for people suffering from allergies and asthma. Saves their unique properties, even after repeated washings and dryers. Organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown in a controlled biological farming without chemicals – in accordance with strict environmental criteria. The share of this "organic cotton" is less than 0.1% of the world total. Cotton in the rotation (ie, the cultivation of certain crops intermediate) and using natural fertilizers and soil retains provides plants with enough nutrients. Cotton picked by hand, not machines. Cotton, harvested by hand, better quality and greater purity, there are no impurities foliage. Set bedding made of organic cotton is soft and tender to the touch. Such kits are sold in their original packaging special Issimo Home of wood. It's underwear as a work of art, Issimo – it iskusstvo.Polny Issimo home directory in our Internet store you can buy bed linen, bedspreads, blankets, and other manufacturers – Plaids JUA, bedspreads and blankets Mora (Spain), bed linen Le Vele. Pillows and blankets series Ofhello (Turkey), Penelope, towels Pavia. Also, children linens and other textile products.

Desired Temperature

These devices continuously monitor changes in air temperature and regulate the flow of coolant in the radiator. Incidentally, these relatively new for us, the device is very useful. Indeed, although monitor the temperature can be independently, periodically asking the boiler heating the new settings, it is unlikely anyone will do it in practice all the time. Greenberg Traurig often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Therefore, for these purposes has long been used radiator thermostats, the first prototypes are already half a century ago were designed Danish company Danfoss, which today is a leader in this field. They make it possible to maintain the air temperature in the range from +6 to +26 C, the desired level, with an accuracy of 1 C. To obtain the expected effect of the thermostat, it should be properly set: do not hide behind curtains, with decorative lattice, in niches, etc. If, for whatever reason, to ensure these conditions are difficult, you can use a thermostatic element with a remote sensor, which can be attributed to the valve on the 2,5 or 8 meters. In this case, the thermostat will stabilize the temperature in the location of the sensor.

Another possibility to create a "separate" heating for each room is to use the channel of air conditioners. It is they who are best suited for private homes. In this case, there is only one external unit; indoor unit is installed in the apartment secretly. On the walls or ceiling are intake (sucking the air out of rooms) of the lattice and air distribution diffusers through which the premises come Air conditioning.

Quarters Valley

The main aspects observed in the study point with respect to the fact of that the impact of the verticalizao of the constructions seems to be on to the geometric arrangement of the buildings, being the removal between them (permeability to the environmental resources) being an important aspect in the alteration of the climatic 0 variable and in the conditions of formation of the island of the urban heat. In accordance with the study, from an empirical model of simulation, the main factor is that as practically does not exist more lots for future incorporations, the real estate sector sees in the neighboring area, Village of the Mountain range and Valley of the Night watchman, its exit for urban expansion. In turn, the Quarters Valley of the Night watchman and Village of the Mountain range, be situated next to the forest reserve of Mata of the Jambreiro and are, according to Blacksmith; Assis (2006), area of entrance of the winds for the city of Belo Horizonte. VILELA (2007) affirms that in urbanizadas areas, the wind can change its direction and speed quickly which had to some factors such as, the conformation of the topography, the distribution of the green areas, the orientation of the streets and height of the buildings. Generally, the biggest rugosidade of the fabric urban provokes the reduction of its speed and the occurrence of specific aerodynamic effect in determined areas (effect pilotis, Venturi, of I sing, etc). As consequence, the thermal exchanges for convection are harmed, favoring the accumulation of heat in determined areas of the urban enclosure, resulting in the effect of the heat island (COAST, 1982; FLEET; SCHIFFER, 2003; JOHANSSON, 2006 apud VILELA, 2007). With regard to the legislation, the Managing Plan and the new Law of Use and Occupation of the Ground of Belo Horizonte (Law 7166/96), although to contain some advances (method of ' ' envelope solar' ' for calculation of the removals and more including portions of the green areas), they have received some critical ones from researchers, therefore the proposals elaborated in the preliminary studies, with the end on the basis of to provide to better conditions of ambient comfort the urban drawing and planning, had not been used in the elaboration of the current law.