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Social Service

The knowledge of this professional is based on the techniques acquired throughout its process of formation, making with that the contemplated individuals become more independent, safe and conscientious of its proper capacities and attitudes, in contrast of the pioneering professionals who, ' ' It did not have the criticidade necessary to evaluate the situations and to adjust the Social Service to these. The criticidade appeared to the few, not for the formal evaluation of the situations in itself, but for the constatao of that the efforts did not answer to the desired results. It did not have, seno in experience never limited, a scientific study appraiser of the Social.&#039 Service; ' (VIEIRA, 1977, P. 156). With elapsing of the years the practical one of social assistance if spread today for the whole world, being very important for the society as a whole, being thus, expects an ethical position of the social assistant and such perspective it strengthens the concern with the quality of the given services, as well as the respect to the users, investing in the improvement of the institucional programs in the net of abrangncia of the public services, reacting against the imposition of impediments, as of selectivity in the access to the atendimentos.

It is turned toward the formularization of proposals, or counterproposals, of creative and viable institucional politics, that widen horizontes indicated, watching over for the effectiveness of the given services. At last, it requires a new nature of the professional work, that does not refuse the tasks socially attributed to this professional, but it attributes to a treatment theoretician-metodolgico and differentiated ethical-politician to them. If the social assistant works in definitive precarious conditions, without resources and/or support, such contexts discloses the importance of the ethical behavior in the exercise of the profession for the definition of its possibilities of performance and of the strategies for confrontation of the social forces in confrontation, for in such a way, the theoretical ability is undeceivable.