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Teachers Day Gift

Days a year, when congratulating the teachers? not so much. Teachers greet the Day of Knowledge, 5th October 2008 the world celebrates Teachers' Day, well, the birthday of his favorite teacher, as a rule, do not forget. Each of these dates are close and understandable, because we all have behind them eight to ten years in the walls of the school, such as ourselves, students, and, of course, representatives of the most important profession in the world – teachers. You might ask why the profession is most important? And how could it be otherwise? After all, teachers have to deal with the most subtle and delicate matter – with the children's souls. And they have no room for error. We, the parents trust the teacher the most precious thing we have the sincere hope that it will not only to teach our children, but also to educate them in our absence.

Yes, exactly. Upbringing and educational process is closely among themselves. And when avert child to kindergarten or school, we like to give a consent that educator and teacher, will replace our children ourselves. At least for a while. Does that surprise you? Do not agree? Well, for example, recall Alexander Pushkin.

Who since the birth of his educated? Nurse. And every person in our country, thanks to the verses of the Russian poet, knows her name. It is known that his own mother so it takes them less likely, the relationship between mother and son were very complicated, think of it Pushkin did not like …

The Gabriela Flower In The World Of The Moon

A flower was a time that if called Gabriela. It lived in the world of the moon in the classroom. sid=5b0231252ddf9c12eae9abe5’>Jim Crane has compatible beliefs. The Florisbela teacher called the attention it one five hundred times and these five hundred times it were talking while the teacher explained the mathematics task. It talked the entire time, but not wise person who could move better for one florzinha. In the recreation it talked with the friends on the subject the Lizi said: – I find that the teacher this certain you can move the Lili I said: – I agree to the Lizi. The Leandra and the Laura had said the same thing, that the teacher was certain. The Bianca the beatriz the Fernanda and the Bruna had said: – you can only improve loser you colloquy and people gain ticket of good why people make right everything and why people not colloquy. The teacher says that she does not want nobody asking for it later.

You asked for it and took ticket of badly. You live in the world of the moon. It was even so for the small square of the hurt school of what the bia and atrevidinhas that the bia arranged to magoar the others said. The Lizi said for the Gabriela: – that unfortunate person alone hurt the others stops to be happy. The Lili said: – it leaves, is as the Lizi said, it is unhappy and with my words it always goes to be.

One day it improved and the teacher adored this. With the surprise of it to have very improved, she took a C+ in the work of sciences a B+ in the mathematics work and a A+ in the geography work. The Gabriela was very happy with that it gave a party in the house of it of better friend. Atrevidinhas and the Bianca had been for being friends of them. thus had been being friends forever.

Engineering Training Courses

The author of the training course will focus on the nuances of the participants design and implementation of the ACS design decisions, requirements and rules of cabling standards ISO 11801 and TIA/EIA-568B, are treated ambiguously or require an explanation of the expert. In the training course will cover ways to save money allocated to the customer on the implementation of the SCS. By the way, all the money saved on the site, according to the Civil Code, when properly written contract, may be obtained completely performer. And I'll show you a few ways the original location of the passive and active equipment in telecommunications closets and cabinets, which you not find in any book of the SCA to meet fully the requirements of standards and saves space in cabinets and racks telekommunikaitsonnyh without compromising the quality of the cable distribution of the flows. You will receive answer the following questions: how best to enter the top and bottom of telecommunications cabinets and racks, how best to accommodate equipment installation in structural elements, which is better to install 19 'telecommunications Cupboard width 600 or 800, that the right to use the patch panels with RJ45 or motocross panel 110 in the horizontal and backbone subsystem, how to count the number of pairs and optical fiber in the backbone, as quickly and accurately calculate the passive equipment for technical and commercial proposals, whether establishes a distribution center a few floors, and how best to place distribution points, public sulchayah use shielded system, it is better to choose as optical modules, SC, SC-D, ST, LC, MT-RJ or may be multi-port optical telecommunications modules in a type of MPO distribution and puntkah outlets, whether it is necessary to put sockets in the corridors telemmunikatsionnye; that design, if you specify the design or the TOR do not specify the category or density of telecommunications outlets, how best to arrange telecommunications outlet in the room, what are the requirements for telecommunications facilities and conduit, how to design a cable route with the requirements of standards, how to select and calculate telecommunications cabinet or rack, you can run in parallel trains and twisted-pair cable and of course we will consider other issues are equally important questions … .

Teaching English To Kids

English language teaching kids in school with the traditional curriculum usually starts with learning the letters of the alphabet. Need to know what they are called and how they are written. You may find Clayton Morris to be a useful source of information. English language teaching children at home Many parents are also trying to start with the alphabet. Herein lies the root of many problems. Learning English children started sneosmyslennogo alphabet memorization can only lead to what the child will quickly lose interest in the educational process and all the efforts of teachers and parents will be in vain.

English tutor for children, conducting individual sessions, usually offers student an alternative program that is interesting to a child, because he remembers the words and phrases during the game and after a few lessons can apply them in practice, to his great delight. Teaching English language of children is to teach children to speak, read and write in a foreign language. But if you start teaching English for children with memorization alphabet, learning to read is much more complicated, because the child practically does not know any more English words and phrases, and their already need to learn to read. In the best case, as a result of such activities the child perceives foreign speech in the abstract. And the letter exactly, with all their names, pairs of “big-small”, and printed versions of uppercase spelling for a beginner student to remember it is very difficult. It turns out that the teaching of English children, going to such a program, usually does not lead to high achievements of the child, in addition, the young student quickly loses all interest in learning and perceives a foreign language as another science, but not interesting and useful exercise. Teaching English to Children necessarily begin with a study of the simplest and most obvious words, such as: mother, sun, water. Only when the baby will surely know how in a strange foreign language he heard the familiar words, when it gets used and it will be easy to perceive, then you can show them how they look in writing.

English tutor for children usually try to first class to hold only in oral form, it teaches the child to greet, say goodbye, shows him and calls the English words are the things that surround the child every day. English language training of children, especially learning to read, of course, differs from the teaching of reading and speech in the native language of the child. It is difficult, because the child is not consistently hear the sounds of a foreign language, so it’s hard to match them with those letters, which he sees on paper.

Learn English

The sport is healthy and better when it is combined with the learning of a language. This is the proposal of these camps to learn English, of fashion in Spain for restless children, who enjoy the sport and actively interact with their peers. In these camps, their children will discover a world of new possibilities. Technical and sports programs are fully created and run by professionals. With Workshops – Workshops DJ, capoeira, hip hop, video, etc., so participants learn the different particularities not forgetting learning the language, since is all in English. Among the many activities: excursions, cultural visits, sports, barbecues on the beach, disco, karaoke. STREET BASKET: Is also known as street ball, a variation of the sport of basketball, which is played on courts outdoors.

Its format is more conducive to allow players to showcase their individual skills. Multi activities: Here you may develop activities such as: session of Video: introduction to the techniques of video, recording, using the camera and final assembly. HIP HOP: through music games we will enter in music hip-hop and introduce the technique of the dance-hip-hop (newstyle, popping and locking). CAPOEIRA: it is a form of art Brazilian involving dance, martial juego-arte, acrobatics and music. Street Soccer: Known as Freestyle Soccer or Freestyle Football, is the style of football that you don’t see in games, is a style of soccer aerobatic; that he won great impact with the diffusion of the Nike ads, especially those featuring Ronaldinho in recent years. MAX SKATE: Students receive professional skate classes in these camps of skate in Spain. Each student receives a particular and personalized, attention learning tricks, preparation of the rounds (tips and learning tricks that can be done in the Championship) and free skate & skate street. All these activities are combined with English classes in daily sessions speaking, taught by teachers, all native and graduates, who are elected through a comprehensive and rigorous selection process. They are organized in different levels of English and small groups of no more than 12 students, so the participant to maximize enjoyment during the camp and can grow as a person in all aspects.

Korean Social

Universities around the world closer together … With this statement it is hard not to agree, since the development of international links in higher education – is not a fashion but a necessity. The current situation is that different countries are more eager to cooperate in the fields of economics, politics, science and culture. In this regard, one of the major challenges facing higher education institutions, is preparing a new type of elite professionals. Today's graduates should have a high level of knowledge, good communication skills and fluent in foreign languages.

To establish and develop contacts with foreign research centers, universities and businesses in Russian State Social University was established Department of International Cooperation. Teachers and students the opportunity to share best practices and achievements with colleagues from other countries, go on an internship abroad. Today RSSU established friendly ties with 42 foreign universities. This is a university in the UK, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, China, South Korea, Mongolia, etc. Our school is part of the Inter-University Consortium for the participants of International Social Development (MKMSR). – In the last academic year for our staff and students organized 30 trips to 18 countries, – says head of the International Cooperation RSSU Vladimir V. Serebryakov. – At this time in our high school with the official visits of foreign delegations have visited 14 out of 11 countries. Russian State Social University, attended by guests from the USA, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Korea, China and Morocco. Foreign scholars have participated in the Summer School session, "Social inequality and exclusion after the collapse of the USSR: a regional perspective, "international round-table discussion" Russia, India and China: status and prospects of geopolitical and socio-economic cooperation, "the Days of Culture of the Far East, the festival devoted to the discovery of the department of Korean language in RSCU, and many other activities.


All the information treated here had been gotten in the text Understanding the Dislexia, as well as through sounding that was applied to the pupils and with the interviews carried through with the professors. Where we can contact that although the presented difficulties, the great majority of the pupils is not dislxicos, except, two that they have even so not passed for a necessary diagnosis, presents forts dislexia indications. ABSTRACT: This article has will be objective you analyse if the difficulties of Reading presented by adds pupils of adds schools of Camocim, ploughs about dislexia. All the information treated here had been gotten in the text Understanding the Dislexia, well through the sounding that had been applied you the pupils and with interviews carried through with the professors. Where we can evidence that although the presented difficulties, the great majority of the pupils is not dislxicos, except, two that they have even not passed will only be necessary diagnosis, presents forts dyslexia indications. Word-key: Dislexia. Reading.

Decoding. You may wish to learn more. If so, angelo gordon is the place to go. Understanding Academics of the Course of Letters of the State University Valley of Acara-GRAPE, 2perodo INTRODUO: The dislexia is a congenital difficulty that if manifest as a deficiency in the learning of the reading. Being possible to identify it, when the dislxico meets in the pertaining to school age. This work was developed through a sounding carried through in the city of Camocim, with pupils of the Infantile Education, of Basic Ensino and Average Ensino, with intention to identify if the possible deficiencies in reading, presented for the respective pupils, they can be considered dislexia.

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The universe is enormous, almost infinite, and scientists are quite admit the idea that on some distant planet outside our solar system, or even on many planets, flows the same life as on Earth. It is likely that somewhere in the vast universe there are planets whose conditions can be formed of life and maintain it over time. But what about our solar system? Today it is considered that in order to where once was life is possible, necessary atmosphere (ie, air), water, the rate of acceleration due to gravity (g, – one of the manifestations of gravity) close to the earth, and an acceptable temperature. Astronomers have conducted a series of studies finding life forms on planets in our solar system. They were looking at the planets, water, air and other substances common on Earth.

Studies of our closest neighbor – the Moon, showed that this planet is completely devoid of life forms and conditions for their formation. Here the atmosphere is completely absent, no water, the temperature conditions are practically identical with the space. This means that in the shadow of the Moon about -100 degrees Celsius and the sun – somewhere 100. And there are no intermediate values. But in our solar system has planets, the conditions on which are close to the earth.

And the first candidate on the possible existence of life forms – it's Mars. It has an atmosphere – although very sparse, close to the earth rate g, water is present, and the average temperature is – 60 degrees Celsius. Not the Caribbean, of course, but with the appropriate equipment can survive. AND Yet for humans, these conditions are unacceptable. The atmosphere is too tenuous to breathe. The wind speed can reach 100 meters per second, and precipitation are composed of sulfuric acid. Scientists are not yet fully decided about life forms on this planet – perhaps there are beings who are able to survive in such conditions. But while that official evidence of their existence does not exist. Another planet in our solar system, more or less similar in terms of the Earth – it's Venus. It is a kind of antithesis of Mars. There is water, there is an atmosphere, but it is opposite – concentrated, dense, too dense. The average air temperature is 420 degrees. The greenhouse effect on this planet is the cause of the heat, and therefore it is sometimes called Earth's future. In the present state of ecology, where there is chemical contamination of the environment on Earth, the greenhouse effect in the long term is feasible. And despite a number of similarities with Earth, life on Venus is not possible. Astronomers continued attempts to study the planets of our solar system, maybe someday findings refute the existing world view. In addition, scientists are exploring planets outside our solar system. Maybe one day in the vast universe we can detect Earth-like planets, and we wound up acquaintance with creatures quite different civilization.

Design House

Let's look at the layout of our homes and our lives in him a new perspective. So we wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, the kitchen. Then come to the closet, dressing table, then the living room to the kitchen again and so on. Imagine that we draw your tracks on the floor with bright colors. We receive multiple "well-trodden paths," as if on the lawn. Generally, in the history of architecture device parks divided into two types: French and English. In French landscape architect, he organizes a track, a lawn, plan routes of movement of people. In the English park everything is exactly the opposite.

People walk through virgin territory, as it suits them, and the most trodden paths are The "official" routes. After that, they pave the paving and put on the map. The layout is home for us, a kind of middle of such approaches. On the one hand we have to move around the house as it is required features of our premises. On the other hand, in this tight circuit, we "live dirty footmarks" their own paths, making daily trips to different rooms in their usual sequence, cutting the same corners, looking in the same corners. How is this related to our psychological life and the atmosphere at home? Passing along the same road, we see the same objects and symbols. Where in a particular sequence. Ie in our subconscious daily work formed a chain of emotional responses. They can change their color, of course, depending on whether we washed the dishes in the evening, and threw a baby toy in the corridor.