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Success in Sales

The key to our success in sales and management of residential and commercial buildings, has been give peace of mind and confidence to owners since we investigated in a deep way the future prospect, (honourableness and solvency), and thus to be 100% secure, conduct our business for 50 years. Helenico Theatre, handed over the medals for outstanding values merit Mexican intellectuals that every year takes place. The 21 of September of 1993, Lupita Arizcorreta receives a medal for his outstanding work as an entrepreneur, from the hands of Dinna Shouner, President of the Association of women intellectuals and business. It would work it of Televisa Srita. Amalita Gomez Cepeda, who currently serves as President of coordination, congratulated Lupita Arizcorreta and terraces, who received the Medal of merit of the third age, the female youth association, by your Curriculum vitae so interesting that, in the Academy and in the world of real estate, it has deserved the first and foremost, and succeeded in its 35-year exchanges and international distinctions in their businesses of real estate, as professional advisor and administrator, journalist and editor.

He has founded several companies of real estate and all with success. In 1960 he founded the first stock exchange real estate. It has highlighted as a brilliant journalist and editor for 14 years, from their own magazines in English and Spanish, and international specialized in real estate, than by brokerage issues and property management stopped making this valuable publication.

Global Economy

TOWARDS THE DECLINE OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY? The phenomenon of economic globalisation has managed that all the sound elements of the economy are interrelated each other due to the consolidation of oligopolies, technological convergence and corporate tacit agreements so that the economic crisis will be global and binding. To get to that crisis, (whose first sketches are already profiled and that will end up drawing in the next five years), have contributed the following: replacement of the economic doctrine of budgetary equilibrium of the States by the endemic Deficit, practical to by mimicry, adopted domestic economies and corporations and public and private bodies contributing to the disappearance of the culture of savingchronic indebtedness and excessive reliance on external financing. Establishment of compulsive consumerism in developed countries, favored by the incessant bombardment of advertising, the irrational use of cards plastic, providing instant credit with bleeding interests and the invasion of a tide of manufactured products of dubious quality and unbeatable prices, coming from emerging countries. Suicidal policy of the major global banks, in granting credit and sub-prime mortgages: Inmersos in the expansive whirlpool of the world economy in the last decade and for the sake of optimizing your results account, Act ignoring the most elementary norms of credit prudence, becoming mere speculative brokers and neglecting the allocations to the funds from Provision and insolvency. This, coupled with the lack of supervision by the monetary authorities of the indices of solvency of banks, incurred the crisis of subprime us.Followed by an incessant drip of bad Bank debts, a severe contraction of Bank lending and an alarming lack of Monetary liquidity and confidence in financial institutions. Paranoid obsession of the multinational stateless or transnational corporations, by maximizing the benefits due to the insatiable appetite of its shareholders, requiring constant increases in dividends. Therefore not hesitate to borrow dangerously, for the sake of Gigantism, through hostile takeover bids and intensifying the policy of relocation of companies to emerging countries, in order to reduce production costs, (given the huge differential in wages and the absence of labour rights of workers).


U.S. $ 30,000 million cost of rebuilding is the foreign numeral that appeared in half abroad. The survey of the damage is not measurable today nor will it be for much longer, because the effects were for virtually all productive sectors of the affected areas, otherwise the land will take several months to get up and finally the costs of the earthquake, are not entirely public, I even dare say that the higher costs of this disaster will be private.

Or hope is that this extreme situation faced by Chile generated a turning point in the future of our nation, so bass is more than clear that although it was through a flogging learned about tsunamis and will certainly be very difficult in the future, our population again be affected by earthquakes of this magnitude or other, will not be surprised by the last state of tsunami impact.

Housing and infrastructure will definitely change the adobes that refused to disappear from some homes in Chile will be replaced by more resilient structures, so will the buildings adjacent to the sea, where we like to build for the Chilean and earthquake standards in height. Although Chile is one of the most seismic impact on the planet is in contrast to the bad memory of Chileans who stubbornly continue to build ever higher, forgetting that Chile is a country with a high occurrence of earthquakes.