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Exacerbate Housing Shortages

Home best protection against rising rents and first-class retirement plans with the planned price brake to prevent the grand coalition that the housing and life in the large German cities is now nearly priceless. But if the political aim of limiting the extent and pace of future increases, can be achieved, seems questionable. In particular, families with average incomes can protect against further dramatic increases only with the acquisition of residential property, says Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country house, Germany Massivhaus leader, in an interview. The legislature wants to limit the amount of rent at first and new rental. Comparable to apply to Mietanhebungen when current leases. Are families with average incomes can afford in the future neither the living and life in major cities? Jurgen Dawo: At least the political will is there to prevent the seemingly relentless rise in rents in major German cities.

Whether by the Grand Coalition adopted rent brake is the suitable instrument, must still turn out. Some housing experts doubt it anyway. The experience teaches that Government interventions of this kind almost always miss or as in tax law open up new design possibilities, contrary to run the political intent. Reach even the opposite of what is intended. Because the coalition agreement contains naturally only the fundamental cornerstones, we will have to wait what looks in a few months the legal implementation. They said just that government intervention often do the opposite of what is intended. What do you mean with regard to the planned rent brake? Jurgen Dawo: I’m afraid with this opinion I am by the way not only that the rent brake is a brake on investment. This particularly affordable housing in the big cities would increase still scarce, therefore the rents further tangible. At the same time, looking at that cheaper housing is dedicated to and no longer bezahbar for normal income earners increasingly becoming comparatively expensive condominiums.

West Semitic

Whose history of promise of is based on the first book of Moses points all peoples, inclusive they: who is born of a Jewish mother, is therefore as much a Jew as someone who is, this belief regardless of its origin in the Talmud. Of the Jewish people in the second sense is not an ethnically uniform Nationalvolkmit closed settlement area, a common history, language and culture, but one that fell to the Jewish diaspora. Would people to understand, namely in the sense of people according to the second definition in its old meaning of the term (cf. the English word people without) Article), that Jewish are sufficiently specified by the attribute in the religious sense. The reference to the common origin combines religious and secular Jews: Israel one can speak of belonging to the people but also, if an individual is culturally or religiously in fact imbued with religious and cultural reality of the history of Israel in major areas of his personality as a historical being and also positively accepted. “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who headed West Semitic, nomadic tribes, who lived somewhere between the Mediterranean Sea and Mesopotamia are as Patriarchs of the Jews. There is no historical evidence for their existence. If, then they probably lived during the time of the sedentarization of nomads at the beginning of the bronze age, i.e.

between 1900 and 1500 BC, supporters of the State of Israel are Zionists. The critical application of this concept is also considered anti-Semitic. For this reason, Germany’s anticipatory obedience suppressed almost any criticism of Israel. Even if we, or the UN, the closed Criticize Palestine camp. Israel and the Jews will benefit many generations from German Holocaust responsibility. Easy for Christians who have grown up with ERB sin as ‘forever guilty’! See my article: 91_Kommunikation: discussion with dogmatic. The principle of the Halacha Jewish religious rules the Torah (five books of Moses”) is fed back into the Talmudauf. This is a culture that has remained stable for a long time and kept its own identity, although they had no State of their own, especially not an own territory, over almost two millennia the Jews evolved.

Their home was and is the eternal Covenant of God with Abraham and Moses and other prophets proclaimed God’s eternal law. A same phase of the diaspora (dispersion) had already survived in the Babylonian exile the people of Israel. Returned to Jerusalem, the children of Israel again limited their people on the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel). At that time reached the Prophet Ezra, that Jews,. that had connected with non-Jewish women, these and the half-breed children begotten with them had to violate. > The Jewish religion is based on the religious traditions of the Jewish people. These traditions are divided into a written (Torah) and the oral teachings (Mishnah, Talmud, and Shulkhan Arukh, etc.). Although Judaism with about 13.5 million supporters

Good Apartment Deal

'In 1980 my parents had 4 room apartment (I, my parents, brother and sister), brother and sister received their apartment in 1986,' It's a quote from one site. Tell me, now you or someone in your family got an apartment? Yes they are there, but they stood on stage with the 80's! And the state offers you an apartment? I think not! What can you say for the price of real estate? That's not a great example: 42 378 rub. for KM You can afford it?? I'm sure not!! Here is another example: In my area the average salary of 8,000 rubles a studio apartment a million !!!!! Ie, that would buy me an apartment I need to work seven days a week plus a year, not what is not and would not pay!! And that was in the 80s? You uchishsya free, you go to work, give the apartment and all! Life is good !!!!! Where to watch our government ??!!! They offer us to learn, but for school lomyat mad 'pasterns'! And even if you manage to learn, you will not get a job without experience !!!!! And what? So I currently am a lawyer and I am confident that I can not work more than in the office of the court! over 5,500 rub.v mesyats.I how many I can buy an apartment? These 5,500 I need to buy a eat, dress very least, is 300-400!! Well of course you can say the same people live not in themselves nothing, and refused to buy an apartment and a mustache does not blow …. And what do you think they are just living from paycheck to paycheck as we are? No! It those people who are in collapse of the USSR managed to capture the 'plum cake' Well deti.Ostalnye or those who steal or have any in the state! And what comes out, my dear? The state steals from us, and we steal from the state-demon limit! But there is another option. The government cries-MORTGAGE! So what? My friend took this mortgage, and now she has a studio apartment in Lyubertsy, but she can not quit your job for 40 years! And in her apartment not propishut not yet pay the debt to the bank … great?? Yeah me the same 'love'! I spoke with many people and small meet someone who is happy with our government. So what? They all are silent thrust, excuse me 'tongue in the ass'! We are all together vote for the uncle of 'Just Rossii'A where is she your equity? I'll tell you-'U pocket! " So that the people I'll tell you, 'If you want housing, steal! 'It teaches us to state.