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Prevent Poison

Due to the huge and regrettable amount of cases of poisoned dogs caused by malicious people, is very important dog training does not accept food from the hands of strangers or baits it finds on the ground in our garden or on the street when we took a walk and so avoid possible poison. To take account in this training of perrosEl dog smell meets a crucial role in their daily life, where everything perceived through this sense. Dogs have one striking curiosity and a great attraction to everything new or strange, with movement or without it, and above all things the temptation that may cause u piece of meat. Because of this, our dog is exposed to be poisoned, reason by which you should despair you not, get ready to learn proper techniques of dog training to prevent this great danger.Poisoning can occur in two different ways: indirect way: this is the most common way. The animal normally eat street foods that are chemical or industrial waste products as lead, or anything else corrosive or toxic, being in all cases of high poisonous power.But be careful. Does not lack dealing with poison to cause death, can also be decomposing food scraps. For example there have been many cases in which dogs find chicken bones in one bag of waste from someone who left her in the trash basket.Direct: is caused by man. The direct way as its name indicates it is throwing a piece of meat for example above the adjoining dividing by a neighbor angry with our dog, in the majority of cases by the excessive barking, or by any offender with intentions of entering the housing for the purpose of robbery.Two of the most commonly used poisons are traditionally strychnine or cyanide, although now there are many others of different power and danger.Also common are cases in which someone throws a bit of minced meat in the form of Meatballs Stuffed with crushed glass or small particles metal.Ideally everyone would like to achieve is that our dog does not eat another hand that is not ours, or outside your dish to eat, we will see how we can achieve this arduous task.